LaonBonnie SMRC S20 GPS drone, test, photos, videos, range and flight behavior

Entertainment factor
Flight behavior
Material quality
Recording quality
Price quality
Overall rating 3.9 / 5

We looked at the drone for beginners again. The LaonBonnie SMRC S20 is great for beginners, even has an accurate positioning system and works with GPS data. A 6-axis gyroscope is also integrated.

The model has some great features such as a headless mode in which you can control the drone regardless of its orientation.

The manufacturer thought about the development and even installed a 1080P camera with a wide viewing angle. Plus, flight times of 15 to 18 minutes are pretty good for a drone in this price range.

In our opinion, the LaonBonnie SMRC S20 drone is definitely worth the money! You can find all the additional technical details here in our report.

Technical data and facts

The quadcopter is super packaged and delivered safe and sound. The kit includes the following parts:

  • 1x RC quadcopter
  • 1x remote control
  • 1x USB cable
  • 4 spare screws
  • 1x screwdriver
  • 1x instruction manual
  • 1x cover

The supplied remote control operates at around 2.4GHz, which means there is no signal interference or interruption. This ensures a secure and stable connection.

The controller is very comfortable in the hand and at the same time gives the impression of quality, like the quadcopter itself.

We were also convinced by the various flight functions of the LaonBonnie SMRC S20 GPS drone. This includes, for example, a 360-degree rotation function, headless mode and stabilization of the drone using a 6-axis gyroscope system.

You can use the model in different ways and anywhere without any problem. Whether it is an excursion, recreation, mountaineering or just within its four walls, the quadcopter always nails in the air as soon as you release the joystick, because then the model is stabilized using GPS and gyroscope.

You can control the drone from about 300 meters away, which is how far the 2.4GHz remote control goes. in the USA, in any case, it is allowed to fly only within sight, so this distance is quite sufficient.

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The appearance of the LaonBonnie SMRC S20 GPS drone is somewhat reminiscent of the DJI Spark. On top it has the color “white”, and the rest of the quadcopter is “black”.

Normal dimensions: 250mm x 250mm 60mm, and folded drone: 135mm x 100mm x 60mm.

High quality ABS plastic is used as a material. It has high resistance and is often used by manufacturers as a case material.


The built-in camera has 1080P resolution. You can do quite a lot with this, and in our opinion, this is quite enough for a hobby.

Thanks to the wide angle of the camera lens, there is also ample light and the recordings still look quite lit compared to other photo sensors, especially in the dark.

Battery and flight time

In terms of flight time, we are dealing with a whopping 18 minutes. However, it also depends on your own flight behavior. Usually the flight time is 15 to 18 minutes!

After the flight, you need to recharge the battery, it has a capacity of about 900 mAh and operates at 7.4 volts.

If the flight battery is completely discharged, it takes up to 100 minutes to fully charge it.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the LaonBonnie SMRC S20 GPS drone


  • Simple control and management
  • Foldable design with small dimensions
  • 2.4 GHz remote control
  • Battery with 900 mAh charge
  • Remote control range up to 300 meters
  • The drone is made of ABS plastic.
  • The maximum flight time is 15 to 18 minutes.
  • One-touch 360-degree rotation function in all directions (up, down, left, right, forward, backward)
  • GPS function and 6-axis stabilization system
  • Headless mode for beginners


  • Batteries for the remote control are not included


The LaonBonnie SMRC S20 GPS drone is great for many different applications. Beginners especially benefit from beginner-friendly flight modes, which, among other things, run passively in the background or can be activated.

The price / performance ratio is excellent, so we can highly recommend the LaonBonnie SMRC S20 GPS drone to everyone.

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