LAWOHO mini rc drone test, photo, video, flight time and range

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Today we have a particularly small quadcopter for you. In this post, we present the LAWOHO mini RC drone, which is great for kids and beginners, and which you can place comfortably in the remote controller holder.

With this model, you can not only fly fast, agile and fast, but also perform excellent 3D stunts at the touch of a button.

The price is really devilishly cheap at around € 30. To keep this model so inexpensive, it also comes with many great features and capabilities.

In this report, we will introduce you in detail with all flight modes and technical details.

Technical data and facts

What we especially love about the LAWOHO Mini-RC drone is the ability to fold it into a controller. This way, you can easily take your remote and quadcopter with you wherever you go without damaging the flight model in your pocket.

In the meantime, you can also charge the LAWOHO mini RC drone in the controller using the built-in charging cable. However, you should make sure that the remote controller has enough charge at all times to charge the drone and be able to control it later with the controller.

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The design of the LAWOHO mini RC drone is very compact, its handles even fold, so that the drone fits into the remote control.

In terms of color, the model is currently only available in black. This makes a very inconspicuous impression on the flight model.

When folded, the dimensions of the drone are 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm. When unfolded, we have approximately 10.7 x 10.7 x 3.8 cm, including the propeller guard.

The remote control is, of course, a little larger, so the quadcopter is convenient to use with it. It has the following dimensions: 14.8 cm x 5.9 cm.

For comparison: the size of a smartphone is usually about 14 cm x 7 cm.

In addition, the small LAWOHO mini RC drone weighs about 23.8g and is therefore quite lightweight. Therefore, you should not fly the quadcopter outdoors in wind and weather, as the model is very sensitive to wind gusts.

Battery and range

The battery has a fairly significant capacity for the size of the drone. This means that the flight model stays in the air for about 10 minutes at a time, and the charging time is about 20 minutes. In our opinion, this is a very good ratio between flight time and loading time.

As for the flight range, you cannot fly further than 30-50 meters, after which the contact between the remote control and the quadcopter is interrupted.

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Flight modes

The LAWOHO mini RC drone has many different flight modes. Among them there are those that are suitable for beginners!

Of course, headless mode shouldn’t be missing here. Thanks to this, you can control the quadcopter without paying attention to how it is configured.

This means that if the drone is near you and you pull the right stick towards you, it will fly towards you too! This feature makes it easier to navigate, especially for beginners.

In addition, there are already mentioned 3D tricks with which it is easy to inspire your children and family members. Flips can be performed by pressing a button in all directions, i.e. left, right, forward and backward. The aircraft will then return to auto hover mode. This is where the 6-axis gyro system comes into play and stabilizes the model.

scope of delivery

The kit contains all the parts you need to take off from a drone. The model is, so to speak, “ready to fly.”

Package Included:

  • 1x LAWOHO Mini RC Quadcopter
  • 1x 2.4GHz controller
  • 4 replaceable propellers in case one of them breaks
  • 4x propeller guard
  • 1x USB charger
  • 1x screwdriver
  • 1x wrench (you will need this if you want to replace the propellers)
    1x instruction manual


LAWOHO mini RC drone is great for beginners and kids.Numerous features are included to make it easy to keep your model in the air. There are also some great modes that will give you a lot of fun.

Of course, not everyone wants to buy such a small quadcopter model, but the LAWOHO mini RC drone is a lot of fun, it can be directly controlled and it has great features. Therefore, we can warmly recommend this small aircraft to you, especially since the price is very cheap.

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