Lictin Mini Drone 2.4G: Test, Photo, Video, Range, Flight and Time

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 3.9 / 5

In today’s report, we introduce you to the Lictin Mini drone with TÜV certification and extensive propeller protection.

It is a mini drone that has a headless mode and can automatically maintain flight altitude.

In addition, the return to home function is integrated, so you can quickly and easily return the drone at the push of a button in case of loss of orientation.

The model is especially suitable for beginners. Plus the price of the drone is pretty low!

Technical details

The package includes 2 batteries that can be inserted into the drone. You also have the option to purchase additional flight batteries to extend your maximum flight time as you see fit.

A special feature is a 360 degree rotation that can be triggered by pressing a button. The drone will then re-balance and enter auto hover mode.

In addition to the shutter button for 360-degree rotation, there is an emergency landing button on the remote control. If you click on it, the quadcopter will quickly descend and then land softly.

We were particularly positive about the price of this model. You can get the Lictin Mini drone for less than € 20!

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Photo, camera and video

Unfortunately, the drone doesn’t have a camera, but you can attach a small CMOS sensor underneath the drone, but you’ll need some build experience.

Lictin is more suitable for beginners and is not intended for photography or video recording.


The drone has small wheels and a black and orange design. The combination of wheels and propeller guards looks especially unusual.

In addition, the propellers are arranged in pairs and have different colors (black and white), as their correct installation and different ergonomics are important. The rest of the design is very simple and there are no special deviations.

The remote also looks very simple, with the most important components and buttons on the front and back.

Product dimensions: 100cm x 95cm x 30cm, and the weight of the drone is 21.5 grams, including the flight battery.

Battery, flight time and range

The battery has a 300 mAh battery and operates at 3.7 volts. 2 of them are included in the scope of delivery.

You can fly for 7 minutes with the flight battery on a single battery charge. The charging time for one battery is approximately 50 minutes.

The transmitter also has a range of up to 30 meters. It sounds a bit small at first, but the drone is so small that it is difficult to see its position at 30 meters.

Flight behavior: suitable for beginners?

Since the drone is lightweight and rather compact, it is not recommended to use it in windy conditions.

We recommend using this model only indoors or in absolute calm.

The rest of the drone is very suitable for beginners, as it has a headless mode and many different safety features.

In Headless Mode, the drone flies exactly in the direction you want it to fly. If the right stick is pushed forward, the fly model will also fly away from you, regardless of the orientation of the drone’s head.

This mode can be very useful, for example, if you get disoriented while flying.

The flight model automatically maintains altitude and fully balances itself in 6 axes. This is provided by a built-in 6-axis gyro system.

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Pros and cons


  • Very affordable price – ideal for beginners on a budget
  • The drone has many great safety features like returning home or emergency landing.
  • Automatic altitude control and gyroscope for maximum flight stability
  • 2 flight batteries included
  • TUV Certification (CE ASTM ROHS FCC)
  • Also forgives serious collisions and this or that accident
  • Very suitable for beginners to get flight experience.


  • Unfortunately, this drone model does not have a camera or FPV system.


If you are looking for a very affordable aircraft that combines many safety features, then the Lictin Mini is the drone for you. However, it should be borne in mind that the model does not have a camera, and the weight is very low.

Moreover, it is only suitable for flying in no wind or as a home drone.

The 360-degree swivel function is really cool too, and this model even comes with 2 batteries.

In our opinion, the price / quality ratio is definitely correct. You can buy the model here on Amazon! *