Mini Drone

Mini drones in comparison

Under the term “mini drone” you will find an almost endless selection of different drones and toys on the Internet. In recent years, real competition has flared up between manufacturers.

From fun jumping drones like the Parrot Sumo to DJI’s high-quality “Spark” selfie drone, you can find just about anything your heart desires.

However, we do not recommend buying cheap mini drones under $50, as they often turn out to be a real flop and are not worth the money even in this price range.

Top 3

Below are 3 of our best mini drones with cameras, but pay attention to what requirements you have when buying.

Some drones fly very stable and can withstand a lot, but have poor recording quality. Then quadcopters appear again, where the opposite is true.

Our favorite mini quadcopter drone is the DJI Spark as it is fast and manoeuvrable, and has a high-definition camera with which you can also shoot Full HD video.

DJI SparkParrot MamboParrot Airborne Night

Flight time 13-15 minutes 7-9 minutes 7-9 minutes
Flight behavior Very good Well Well
camera 12 megapixels
Video Resolution: Full HD
0.3MP 0.3MP
Range 2 km (with controller) 20 meters without flypad
80 meters with flypad
20 meters without flypad
80 meters with flypad
application Yes Yes Yes
Weight 300 g 63 g 64 g
Overview >> Go to dough << >> Go to dough << >> Go to dough <<
Score Buy now! Buy now! Buy now!

If you’d rather spend a little more of your budget on a high quality mini drone, then in the long run you will definitely have more.

In this post, we will explain which mini drones are available and what to look out for when buying.

Mini drone with camera

Many would like to have a mini drone with a camera that is fast and maneuverable in the air and can spy.

Small drones are a lot of fun, can shoot mediocre to high quality videos, and are pretty rugged.

They are ideal for beginners because the smaller drones are less vulnerable than their larger brothers. With some of them, you can even perform small tricks and tricks.

Minor accidents are inevitable. However, our experience and tests have shown that small drones are very forgiving.

However, they have a very small camera! Therefore, mini drones with cameras cannot be compared to larger models in terms of image quality.

Check out the price here! Cheap drones have bad cameras too! For less than $100, you won’t get any good camera in the mini-drone segment, and you won’t be able to capture particularly high resolution images with them.

Funny drones

The fun drones are for fun only and don’t look particularly professional, but in some cases they have a genuine collectible character.

The fun and toy drones cost between 25 and 300 euros and are often full of surprises and special features.

A drone like this is the perfect Christmas present.

In addition to the Parrot Sumo, which can jump up to 80cm but unfortunately cannot fly, there are toy drones such as the T 65 X Wing Starfighter, which is the most famous flying model from the Star Wars films and is known to many. …

Propel was inspired by Star Wars several times and designed the 74-Z Speeder Bike drone and other toy quadcopters with great attention to detail.

Selfie Drones

The so-called selfie drones have been on the market quite recently. Over the next few years, more and more manufacturers will follow suit and develop new drones that you can use to easily and conveniently take pictures of yourself and other objects.

Typically, selfie drones are ordinary mini drones specially designed for selfies.

However, many high-end drones for private use also have a selfie function and many other intelligent flight modes, such as Point of Interest, in which the drone circles an object or you position the drone to track you (Follow Me. “).

For example, with DJI Spark, you can use gesture controls to take photos of yourself and your loved ones.

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