MJX B20 EIS drone test, flight time, range and more

Entertainment factor
Flight behavior
Material quality
Recording quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4.2 / 5

Meanwhile, in the drone market, not only the number of available products has grown dramatically, but also the variety of technical characteristics and modes of remotely controlled flying objects.

However, when shopping, you must ensure that what is on offer relates to price, how it relates to quality and what other buyers are saying. An expensive drone isn’t necessarily a good thing, and a low price doesn’t automatically mean it’s a bad drone.

Good value for money can usually be identified by the brand name of the product. Therefore, we usually also select the drones that we test.

The manufacturer MJX is one of them and makes small drones at a good price. The products have good flight performance and with most drones you get a long-lasting flight experience.

We especially liked the MJX B20 EIS drone, which is not only cheap but has a lot to offer technically. In the next test report, we will give you a short overview of the product, explaining the technical features, advantages and disadvantages, as well as functions and what you should look out for.

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Technical details

The MJX B20 EIS drone has electronic image stabilization, and the camera can be mounted at an angle from -90 ° to 0 °. Plus, there are great modes like Follow Me and Return To Home. There is also an optical sensor to ensure the drone is always stable.

A 7.6V 3400 lithium polymer battery is used to control the quadcopter.With this you get an incredible flight time of 22 minutes. However, on tests, the flight time was 18 to 21 minutes. It depends, in part, on your flying style, but also on how often you have used the drone and therefore on the age of the battery. Of course, you can buy an extra battery and replace it in between to prolong your flight experience.


The MJX B20 EIS drone definitely meets our optical requirements. The model looks great, made of modern plastic. Of course, the built-in materials of the outer shell match the price initially, but the shell is very strong and durable. The drone usually survives a crash without any external damage to the hull. The gray tone of the outer shell is somewhat reminiscent of the DJI Mavic, although the design is completely different from this model. The MJX B20 EIS drone has a pair of landing legs, which makes the model larger overall and makes it easy to take off and land safely. The quadcopter is light and compact enough to be easily transported.

There are several LED lights below the drone model. First of all, they are used so that you can monitor or locate the model at dusk or darkness. The microSD card slot is also under the quadcopter. Cards with a maximum capacity of 128 GB can be used, but only cards with class 10 or higher.

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The 4K camera is decent for the price, but not suitable for professional aerial photography in our opinion. We recommend other models for this, for example from DJI, which can produce images and videos of much higher quality. However, they are always great for hobbies. You can point the camera up or down with the remote control. There are also shock absorbers that absorb vibrations so that they are not visible in the video image. The video can be broadcast in 720p quality, the visibility range is about 450 meters, we will not fly further. in the USA, drones must be within sight anyway.

Pros and cons


  • Very good value for money
  • 4K camera with live image transmission
  • Visually appealing design
  • The angle of the camera can be adjusted using the remote control.


  • No gimbal system
  • Not suitable for professionals


Overall, we are delighted with this aircraft. The drone flies steadily and quickly in the air, has more than affordable flight times and many features. We also really liked the 4K camera, even if its recordings didn’t meet professional requirements.

Thanks to the good price / quality ratio, we have a clear purchase recommendation.

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