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During our extensive research into which aircraft we should include in our drone test series, we came across a Blade 350 QX V2 drone.

It is very easy to operate and control, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced drone pilots. Weighing 580 grams, it can also withstand stronger gusts of wind, which it easily balances out as the Blade 350 QX V2 has flight assist systems.

We recommend that you only fly the drone outdoors due to its dimensions of 46 x 46 x 13 cm. Children under 14 should not keep their hands away from the aircraft.

On average, a drone can fly for about 15 minutes with a fully charged battery. A range of up to 300 meters is quite sufficient, since according to the new rules for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the USA, a drone can in any case only fly within sight.

The Blade QX V2 drone has advanced sensors to determine the current position in flight and GPS.

Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have a built-in camera, but the drone has a camera platform that you can attach your GoPro camera to.

Scope of delivery and technical data Blade 350 QX V2

The package includes everything you need to fly the Blade 350 QX V2. The charger has a built-in balancer and provides up to 3 amperes. The radio control operates in the usual 2.4 GHz frequency band. You can use this to set different modes.

The 2200 mAh battery provides, as already mentioned, 15 minutes of flight (on average).

In case of an accident, despite numerous safety measures, a set of interchangeable propellers is included.

Full scope of delivery at a glance:

  • 1 Blade 350 QX V2 drone
  • 1 x 2.4GHz Remote (Spektrum DX5E Transmitter)
  • There are also 4 AA batteries for radio control.
  • LiPo battery 11.1 V and 2200 mAh 30 C from E-Flite
  • The battery has an EC3 connector.
  • 12 volt charger from E-Flite
  • 1 instruction manual (in German)
  • 1 set of spare propellers
  • 1 x GoPro camera mount (anti-vibration plate – removable)

Brief overview of technical data:

  • Model Name: Blade 350 QX V2
  • Weight: 580 grams
  • Range: 300 meters
  • Flight time: 15 minutes
  • Dimensions: 46 x 46 x 13 cm
  • Drive: 1100kV brushless motors
  • Has different flight modes
  • GPS and various security features available

Blade 350 QX V2 Flight Specifications

The Blade 350 QX V2 is easy to operate. The controls work like any other drone. Near-flawless flight behavior ensures that RC professionals can also truly enjoy this drone.

Crashes and therefore crashes in this model are very rare due to the numerous safety features. This also includes Return to Home Mode, which we’ll talk about in more detail later.

The camera bracket is a soft rubber clip. The GoPro Hero 3 is perfect for this, as are some subsequent models such as the GoPro Hero 5.
However, we do not recommend trying to produce high quality recordings during a severe storm. Then the images will be too blurry, and then the images will be worse.

Up to 3 winds you can get good quality images, but 4 winds deteriorate significantly.

In summer, it is usually quiet enough for the camera to produce professional quality pictures.

Various flight modes

The Blade 350 QX V2 drone has multiple flight modes and safety features. They help beginners as well as experienced and professional pilots to get the most out of their drone flying experience.

Smart Mode

Smart mode is very interesting for beginners. The drone moves in a plane, which means that it maintains its position at altitude and flies only in the direction in which the control stick is moved, regardless of how the muzzle is oriented. Thus, if the drone is looking at the pilot and the pilot pushes the control stick forward, the drone will not fly towards the pilot, but away from him!

Plus, the built-in Save Circle mode guarantees the pilot’s protection from the drone! The escape circle has a radius of 5 meters around the drone pilot. The drone cannot fly in this radius. It serves to protect the pilot from incorrect drone maneuvers.

In smart mode, you can only climb to a height of 45 meters.

Extremely calm and gentle video recording is also possible with the Blade 350 QX V2 in this mode! So it’s perfect for amateur photographers.

Return to home mode

If the signal is lost or if the Return-to-Home mode is intentionally activated, the aircraft will automatically return to the starting point. Just make sure there are no objects between the starting point and the current position of the drone.
When Return to Home Mode is active, the red status LED blinks. For return to home mode to work properly, it is important that the GPS signal is available both when the aircraft is launched, when it is switched to home mode, and during flight back.

Stability mode

English Stability Mode: Stability Mode is ideal for experienced drone pilots. In this mode, the drone is balanced as soon as you release the control sticks or a gust of wind blows from the side. With GPS and altitude sensors, flying is child’s play, and the Blade 350 QX V2 practically flies through the air on its own.

The tilt angle is limited in stabilization mode and is set to a maximum of 45 degrees to ensure flight stability and the drone will not roll over or even fall.

A beginner can slowly transition from smart mode to stable mode. However, there is no save circle in stability mode.

Agility mode

It will be fun for very advanced pilots and professional pilots in agility mode. Most of the assistants are disabled here, and the Blade 350 QX V2’s tilt angle can easily exceed 45 degrees. Thanks to the powerful brushless motors, it works seamlessly despite the heavy weight of 580 grams + camera!

However, the aircraft will no longer stabilize in this mode! For inexperienced pilots, flying and keeping the aircraft in the air is much more difficult and difficult. However, with a little practice, you can even perform acrobatic stunts.

Launch the Blade 350 QX V2 Quadcopter

The Blade 350 QX V2 is easy to start up. To do this, the transmitter must be switched on immediately after installing the batteries. Then just insert a fully charged battery and turn on the drone. The switch for this is at the bottom.

The drone’s GPS system should now connect to the surrounding satellites and it is ready to go.

Conclusion on the Blade 350 QX V2

We believe this drone is especially useful for beginners 14 and older. Flight modes matter and only high quality materials have been used to build the drone.

Beginners can easily transition from Smart Mode to Stability Mode and Flexibility Mode.