Mondo 63400 drone X40.0 test, photo, video, FPV headset, flight time, range and more

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 3.9 / 5

Once again, we present you a great little drone with modern virtual reality glasses. The model is available for less than 100 euros and is therefore the ideal aircraft for beginners.

The drone looks really cool, flies great and has great flight modes.

This model can be controlled very directly, and interference-free data transmission is guaranteed as the remote control transmits on 2.4GHz.

If you want to fly indoors, the Mondo 63400 X40.0 drone is ideal for this, it balances itself, but has problems with stronger gusts of wind, so we recommend that you fly outdoors only when there is absolutely no wind.

Quadcopter technical data and facts

You can reach fairly high speeds with a flying model, but make sure there are no collisions. However, the drone forgives one or the other failure or collision because it is very durable and has 4 propeller guards.

To keep the drone safe and stable in the air, it has built-in gyroscopic technology. This means you can take your hands off the joystick and the Mondo 63400 X40.0 will still float quietly in the air.

Of course, there is also an automatic return function, if you press the corresponding button, the model will return to the starting point.

The supplied VR glasses “X40.0” can also be used without the drone and its attachment. You can also use it safely and conveniently for other applications.

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The design of the Mondo 63400 X40.0 drone is anything but boring. Carbon-style body paint. The propellers are in pairs of different colors. They are yellow in the front and black in the back.

In addition, there are propeller guards, which are also black in color and protect the rotor blades from collisions.

Otherwise, there is not much to say about the appearance, just look at our photos.


A 720P HD camera is installed, which sends real-time images to the virtual reality glasses, which of course creates an even more realistic impression and gives the impression that you yourself are sitting in the cockpit.

The data is transmitted in real time via the Wi-Fi system and stored on a 4GB SD card. Thus, you can download photos and videos to your computer or laptop at any time.

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Pros and cons of the drone


  • Comfortable handling thanks to extensive sensors (precise flight and stability control)
  • Very suitable for beginners
  • X40.0 VR glasses included
  • Live image delivered to VR glasses in real time via Wi-Fi
  • 360 degree flip function
  • Returning the drone by pressing a button
  • 720P camera with built-in Wi-Fi
  • Automatic return to base at the push of a button
  • Excellent value for money


  • Small SD memory card (4 GB)
  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a 4K camera, so it’s not suitable for professional shots.


In our opinion, this drone is definitely worth its money. The supplied VR glasses are different from each other and offer a wide variety. Even beginners can rely on a reliable flight stabilization system and sometimes keep their hands away from the joystick.

However, in strong gusts of wind, be very careful as the Mondo 63400 is a little vulnerable here. Otherwise, this is a great quadcopter at a reasonable price.

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