New drone technology: hitchhiking parcel delivery

Everyone wants them, but in recent years, most drones haven’t worked on a tight budget. Battery life was short and the experience was clouded. But that will change soon. For less money, productivity is always higher.

In 2021, camera drones were observed to show all the better resolution. Video resolution up to 60 frames per second, photo resolution up to 48 MP. There were also many innovations in assortment and functionality. Obstacle detection has improved, as has the return home.

Drones are everywhere

We hardly see them, but they are already being used more and more often. During the time of the crown, demand literally exploded. For example, Australian researchers use drones to measure temperature from a distance. But the fear of spying is also growing. So American drones stayed on the ground in their country. The US Department of the Interior feared Chinese espionage as Chinese manufacturers dominate the civilian drone market. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has 810 such drones, of which only 24 are domestically produced.

Air sensor 2 in the picture

Drones also set the tone for the military sector. The US Air Force takes this so seriously that it can now shoot down a plane with a laser.

The speeds are increasing

Drones can be fast, but in most cases they are quite slow compared to other aircraft. But that is changing. Usually the devices are driven by an electric motor. For most models, we reach an average speed of 15-60 km / h.

A typical toy drone usually has a top speed of 32 km / h. The fastest drone reached 263 km / h. It was RacerX, created by the Drone Racing League. But now it is very slow.

Drones like the AB5 JetQuad equipped with diesel turbines can reach speeds of up to 483 km / h. Of course, these are commercial versions not available to private users.

Delivery of parcels by drone

More and more packages are rolling down the streets. Mostly in old vans from DHL, UPS, DPD and whatever. Drone delivery is becoming more and more relevant. DHL, Amazon and others want to finally make this happen. In China, DHL was able to continue planning in 2019 and deliver parcels around the city using drones for the first time.

Active drone tracking functionDJI Mavic Mini Active / Smart Track

When can I actually fly the drone?

If your own privacy is at stake, the drone can also be shot down. A good air rifle is enough for this. The Riza District Court has already ruled on this matter. Accordingly, the launch was suitable for self-help. The drone kept circling over the house, the owner was nowhere to be found. In general, however, it was also stated that the proportionality of shooting should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Only at the beginning

Today’s drones are at the very beginning of opportunities. Exciting new technology trends show every year that entirely new innovations can turn the market upside down. First of all, prices are falling more and more, so the drone will soon become a part of your regular home equipment.