NexGadget action camera test, price, photo and video

Photo quality
Video quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4.2 / 5

If you are looking for a good action camera for little money, then the NexGadget camera is a good fit.

This model can be connected to your smartphone via WiFi. There is a smart app for this that you can download for free. You can use your smartphone to control the camera remotely or get live images.

The scope of delivery includes many parts, including a universal set of mounting accessories.

There is also a waterproof and transparent protective cover with which you can dive up to 30 meters without water penetration. Built-in microphone prevents noise and audio interruption.

Technical data and facts about the camera

Although the Action Cam is very affordable, there are many different recording modes available. For example, you can choose between time-lapse, time-lapse, auto, and loop recording. If you shoot in car mode, you can also use the model as a simple dashboard camera, but then you are in the gray zone of the law!

If you have never used an action camera or put it into operation, you have nothing to worry about. Putting into action a NexGadget action camera is pretty simple. In addition, the action camera also offers a Wi-Fi interface, thanks to which you can easily set up the camera.

Installing the battery is child’s play too and is fairly easy to complete. However, before using it for the first time, you must fully charge the battery once.


Unfortunately, there are no major differences from other models of action cameras. The design looks very good, but at first glance, NexGadget looks a lot like many other action cameras.

The dimensions are quite compact. The camera is about 5.9 “wide and about 4cm high. The back has a 2” screen, which is enough to display the image correctly.

The battery compartment is on the bottom, the confirmation button is on the top right and the on / off button to the left of the camera.

There is also a small mini HDMI and USB port on the side.


The photo sensor has a resolution of 16 megapixels, which is the maximum number of pixels in a photo you can take with a camera.

You can also create videos up to 4K with the camera. It is equipped with a 170 degree wide angle lens. Different resolution formats can be selected from the menu.

The following formats are available for video resolution:

  • 4K @ 30fps
  • 2.7K @ 30fps
  • 1080P @ 60fps

The closed housing protects the camera lens not only from water penetration, but also from dust and dirt, as it has an IP68 degree of protection.

All recordings are stored on a class 10 micro SD card, which can be up to 64GB.

Battery and run time

In our opinion, the battery is a bit weak, with a maximum charge capacity of 900 mAh. If you’re shooting in Full HD, that’s about 80 minutes’ play. But you can also just buy an extra battery.

Operation and handling

The menu structure is pretty simple. You can navigate the menus quickly and easily with a few arrow keys.

However, you should not have too thumbs, or the operation will be a little difficult due to the small buttons. The cam is a little easier to use with a cover.

Pros and cons


  • Very affordable camera model – ideal for beginners
  • Ease of operation and handling
  • 4K video resolution and 16MP camera
  • 170 degree wide angle lens
  • Different recording modes are available to you
  • IP68 waterproof housing, accommodating up to 30 meters
  • Wi-Fi function with live image transmission


  • Battery life is a little bad


The NexGadget action camera has a very generic design that many cameras in this area have.However, it is also noticeable that the hardware is quite advanced and the controls are very simple.

In our opinion, the price / quality ratio is definitely correct. Unfortunately, the battery life is not that great, but you have the option of using multiple batteries and simply replacing the battery when it’s low.

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