Osmo Pocket Handheld Camera Test, Photo & Video, Battery Life

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Overall rating 4.8 / 5

The DJI OSMO Pocket Cam is a portable camera with 3-axis gimbal. The manufacturer is known for its exceptionally high quality quadcopter. Since DJI has a long history of developing stabilization systems for drone cameras, it can be assumed that the manufacturer’s portable cameras are also of high quality.

We’ve taken a close look at OSMO Pocket and in this review we explain what to expect and whether the price of this camera is justified.


The OSMO Pocket is quite easy to use, has the smallest electronic gimbal that DJI has developed to date, and provides balanced footage.

If, for example, you turn the manual part of the camera to the right or left, the photosensor and the recorded image will always remain in a horizontal position.

These cameras are often used because they can be held comfortably in the hand without using a tripod or the like. They are small enough for professional use and come in a variety of designs and gimbal systems.

Osmo Pocket is stabilized in three axes and thus compensates for the slightest movement in real time. This way, your steps do not affect the recorded footage, and the tape recordings look as if the camera was floating.



Looks pretty futuristic and stylish. In any case, the camera does not seem cheap. OSMO Pocket weighs 116 grams and has the following dimensions: 122 mm x 29 mm x 37 mm. Has a universal interface to which you can connect more and more interesting accessories.

You can also connect the camera to a smartphone or tablet and transfer photos and videos directly to the device.

The camera can be controlled using a small touchscreen display and a few buttons. They are attached in such a way that the cam can be easily operated when it is comfortable in the hand.

The built-in cooling system is rather unusual. Osmo Pocket generates a lot of heat due to its high performance. It is quietly and passively removed by the cooling system.

The gimbal system uses a mechanical stabilization platform with a brushless motor that always keeps the camera in the correct position.

Image sensor, resolution and memory

This camera model has a ½, 3 ”photosensor with an 80 degree field of view. Aperture F2.0 is also used.

We were particularly impressed with the video quality, which is 60fps and 4K UHD resolution. The maximum data transfer rate is 100 Mbps.

Photos can be taken at 12 megapixels, pixel size is about 1.55 microns.

A micro SD card is used as storage, which you still have to buy.

With the camera, you can record videos for up to 140 minutes with a fully charged battery.

Menu navigation and recording modes


In our opinion, menu navigation is really smart and convenient. By swiping your finger up and down on the touchscreen, you can navigate pretty quickly.

The camera has various modes with which you can quickly and easily take your photo and video quality to the next level.

Active track:

Many of you are probably familiar with the Active Track feature from DJI drones. With this feature, you just have to click on an object on the screen as soon as you are in this mode, and the gimbal is always aligned so that the camera follows the subject. You can also switch to Selfie Mode, which activates face tracking, in which Osmo Pocket automatically follows your face.

Panoramic shots:

In this mode, you can shoot beautiful scenery or other surroundings over a large area. Panoramic photos are arranged in 3 x 3 format.

Night shooting:

If you are in an environment with few light sources, Osmo Pocket will recognize this and adjust the exposure time accordingly.As a result, photo and video material becomes much brighter.

Time-lapse mode

Moving time-lapse recordings combine hours of recording with smooth camera movement resulting in particularly engaging videos. Be sure to try this mode.

Professional Mode:

With this function, you can set the exposure time from 2 to 3 seconds.

You can also make additional adjustments for aperture and ISO value. You can also shoot RAW photos and videos in D-Cinelike quality.

With the DJI Mimo app, you have a complete editor for these and other functions. Thus, you can easily and easily adjust and edit your photos and videos.

You can add cool templates, watermarks, stickers, filters and music to your photos and videos.

Optional accessories available

Universal connection

Thanks to the universal interface, you can make your photos and videos even more unique and unforgettable.

Optionally, you can also buy the following parts:

  • Waterproof cover (up to a depth of about 60 meters)
  • Accessory holder
  • ND filter set
  • Charging stand
  • Radio module
  • Extension cord with joystick control
  • Protective cover for transport
  • Quick release base for mounting on helmets and smooth surfaces
  • Control wheel for advanced gimbal and camera control
  • External microphone adapter

Package contents – what’s inside?

The package includes everything you need to get started with the camera immediately. As mentioned, there are additional accessories you can add. Of course, it also varies from store to store which parts are included in the kit.

The DJI OSMO Pocket Standard Kit includes the following parts:

  • 1x Pocket Handheld DJI OSMO Camera with Precision Gimbal System
  • 1x cover
  • 1x smartphone adapter
  • 1x power cord

Pros and cons


To make it easier for you to make a purchase decision, we have once again compared the most important advantages and disadvantages.


  • Extremely high 60fps for 4K video recording
  • Reliable and highly accurate 3-axis harness
  • 12 megapixel photos
  • Battery life approx. 140 minutes
  • Photos and videos of exceptional quality and clarity are razor sharp.
  • High angular accuracy
  • Photos can also be saved in RAW format.
  • Video in D-Cinelike is possible
  • Robust application (DJI MIMO) with built-in editor for post-processing photos and videos
  • Advanced Modes: Active Track, 3×3 Panorama, Moving Time Lapse and Nightshot


  • High price


Conclusion on Osmo Pocket

This camera is ideal for photographers and videographers looking to try something completely new and need the smallest possible handheld camera with 3-axis stabilization.

Although the Osmo Pocket is priced between 350 and 400 euros (price fluctuations are possible), in our opinion the price is absolutely justified. Particularly noteworthy is the tremendous performance this camera provides, even though it is so small. So, we have a clear buy recommendation.

You can buy the OSMO pocket handheld camera here! *