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Buy Parrot DiscoThe Parrot Disco is an unusual flying machine. So, we took a closer look at them. A 45 minute flight and an FPV package with FPV goggles guarantee lasting fun and a special flying experience.

This is not a typical quadcopter with 4 propellers, but a winged drone with a wingspan of 1.15 meters. It is driven by a single propeller aft.

This completely sets it apart from other drone models and makes an impressive impression in the air. The material and fenders are mainly made of high quality foam and polystyrene foam.

Although the drone has the same flight behavior as the typical remote controlled aircraft you know from flying a model, it is very easy and uncomplicated to fly, so it is ideal for both novice and experienced users.

If you want to take the Parrot Disco with you on vacation, this is not a problem as the fenders can be removed.

The small model aircraft weighs only 750g. Most of the weight comes from the 2,700mAh battery, which is enough for a flight of about 45 minutes above average. Since the Parrot Disco drone is completely different from a typical drone, flight time is not a criterion that should be used to compare with other drones. Due to the different aerodynamics, a model airplane can stay in the air for much longer than a model airplane, and the situation with a quadrocopter and a Parrot Disco drone is similar.

You can get an elegant plane for 800-900 €, depending on where you order which kit. The package with the Skycontroller and FPV goggles is the most common for this model.

Drone Parrot Disco Package

The scope of delivery includes:

  • Parrot Disco Drone
  • Battery 2700 mAh
  • Charging station
  • USB cable
  • 2 spare screws
  • Parrot Skycontroller 2 (same as Parrot Bebop 2)
  • 2 smartphone holders
  • Parrot FPV Goggles (Parrot Cockpitglasses)
  • Smartphone pocket
  • Carrying strap
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Manual

Pros and cons


  • A long flight of 45 minutes in the drone zone is practically invisible. Most drones can fly for 15-25 minutes, after which the battery needs to be replaced. Thanks to the design of the Parrot Disco, the drive can operate very efficiently and with high efficiency.
  • Also easy to operate (suitable for beginners). The Parrot Disco glides comfortably in the air. But you should not lose sight of them, this is not an ordinary drone, but an airplane.
  • Good video quality thanks to sophisticated software gimbal and 18MP camera. It can record videos in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) quality.

The FPV flight experience is very realistic if you order the drone with the FPV package. This allows the Parrot Disco to be operated from the cockpit.


  • Lack of space despite dismantling the fenders. Since the wings have a total span of 1.15 meters, the Parrot Disco cannot be transported as compactly as a conventional quadcopter, even with the wings disassembled. You should also make sure that the fenders are well packed and not damaged in transit.
  • There is no Ultra HD footage, so it may not be suitable for highly professional use.
  • The Parrot Disco cannot stand in the air because it is built like a model airplane and must constantly move to create lift.

Parrot Disco Drone controls and flight performance

No special start or reset device is required to start. The included Quick Start Guide allows you to get started flying quickly and easily.

The Parrot Disco Drone is controlled via the app and Skycontroller 2.

You need a smartphone or tablet and you must download the FreeFlight Pro app. This app is available for both Apple and Android. Smartphone, Skycontroller and aircraft can be connected together very easily and quickly. Every beginner can quickly and easily set up settings for a start.

Before starting work, the Parrot Disco must be mowed on a level surface so that the sensors can work correctly.

The drone is then dropped like a paper airplane.Be sure to launch it in the opposite direction of the wind to get the lift it needs even faster for a quick climb.

The start and landing button is located on the remote control (Skycontroller 2). Now you have to control it and the aft propeller is started.

The Parrot Disco Drone will now fly automatically. With built-in autopilot, you don’t have to do much anymore. Avoid senseless risky dives, then you are guaranteed a high-quality and reliable drone for a long time.

In flight, it can reach a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Which is remarkable for a drone, but, of course, thanks to its good aerodynamic shape.

legal information

If you want to fly with cockpit goggles in FPV mode, there must always be a second person who objectively sees the Parrot Disco Drone! Your liability insurance will not be paid in case of damage, if there is material damage or even personal injury and you cannot prove a second person! Flying without a second person can also lead to hefty fines!

The reason for this is the new rules for using drones, according to which you must always fly the drone within sight. However, with FPV goggles, it is no longer in the visible area because the goggles block your vision and instead provide you with a first-person “virtual image” from the drone’s perspective.

Return to main function

When the return function is activated using the Home button on the Skycontroller, the Parrot Disco Drone rises approximately 50 meters above the ground and then circles above the home point. The starting point is set at the beginning.

Ideally, try to land on soft ground (like grass). The drone now glides smoothly on the ground.

Parrot Disco Cockpitglasses – FPV Goggles

Even after 45 minutes of realistic flight, the FPV goggles sit comfortably on your face and nose.

The smartphone is used as a screen on which the Parrot 2 app displays the corresponding windows, which stretch and display two images from the cockpit glasses (2 lenses) in such a way that the glasses create a rectangular, nice and clear image.

Buy Parrot DiscoRealistic flight from a cockpit perspective defies description. It also differs slightly from, for example, the Parrot Bebop 2 FPV or other FPV drones, as the Parrot Disco drone can be controlled like an airplane.

To use FPV goggles, FPV mode must be activated in the app. Then you have to place the smartphone in the corresponding holder, which is then inserted into the slot. When inserting a mobile device, you must ensure that the dotted line shown on the screen is aligned.

According to Parrot, the following smartphones are suitable for the FPV goggles slot:

  • Samsung Galaxy (S5, S6, S7, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5)
  • Nexus 5
  • iPhone (6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus)
  • LG (G3, G4)
  • HTC One M8

However, many other models are also suitable for our tests with the Parrot Disco cockpit goggles. They need to be 4.7 to 5.7 inches diagonal and 6 to 9.5 mm thick to be FPV goggle compatible and fit in the slot!

When wearing FPV goggles, make sure that the eye relief is correct and that they fit snugly against the nasal bone.

Before flying extensively with cockpit goggles and the Parrot Disco drone, you must first fly without goggles to get a good and safe flying experience.

Distances around FPV mode are often misjudged. Remember the law: in the USA you can only fly within sight! In an emergency, the Parrot Disc
o flies back to its starting point if you activate the Return Home function.

Conclusion of the Parrot Disco FPV

Aerodynamic design similar to conventional aircraft models allows for longer flight times and speeds, but high quality landscape shots can only be realized with some compromises as the Parrot Disco Drone cannot stay in the air! In addition, the plane cannot fly sideways or backward, which also has disadvantages if you want to shoot quality films from the air.

The internal memory should be cleaned regularly. The internal memory of 32 gigabytes ensures that it needs to be formatted for continuous shooting during flight every 1-2 flights.Videos and photos can be easily transferred to a PC or laptop via a USB connection.

Buy Parrot DiscoThe Parrot Disco clearly stands out in the drone market for its shape and flight behavior. It is a bestseller and quite popular. The Parrot manufacturer has done a great job here.

I was particularly impressed with the values ​​for flight duration, flight range and FPV goggles. With Skycontroller 2 you can fly about 2 km, which is prohibited in the USA, you are only allowed to fly as far as you can still see the drone and see it well.

However, hardly any other drone can offer such a flying experience. As such, Parrot Disco has a unique edge and is one of our favorites.

The starting price of around 1,300 euros was initially quite high, but now the price has dropped to 800-900 euros. Thus, the price / quality ratio is visible.