Parrot mambo test

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.5 / 5

Parrot Mambo is a true classic in the mini drone space.

Gripping hands, Lego figures, mini cameras and mini guns make Mambo a beautiful toy.
also good for inexperienced drone pilots.

Parrot Mambo test – overview and summary

Fortunately, Parrot has a good ultrasonic sensor and a sophisticated gyroscope.
built-in. This means that the drone always hovers perfectly in the air, and you can hunt around your apartment or in the field carefree.

Favorable price: you can usually buy a Parrot Mambo for less than 100 euros.
for example here on Amazon.

scope of delivery

Here you have the set:

  • Drone Parrot Mambo
  • USB cable with mini USB connector
  • Various attachments (mini-gun and grappling weapon)
  • Manual
  • Battery 550mAh

To our surprise, there is no interchangeable propeller set.

The Mambo is very stable, however, if something breaks you can easily order a propeller set for a few euros.

Parrot Mambo controls and flight behavior

The Parrot Mambo can be controlled with a smartphone, simply the “FreeFlight Mini”.
Download the APP, turn on Bluetooth and connect to the mini drone.

It can take some getting used to working through the touch field, but after a while you will get used to it.

Alternatively, you can order the FlyPad for around € 30-35 for better flight control.

The Mambo itself flies very steadily, if you accelerate sharply and suddenly take your foot off the throttle, the mini drone automatically counteracts and stops immediately.

It accepts control commands with virtually no delay.

During flight, be careful not to sweat with your fingers, otherwise, depending on the quality of your sensory field, some control commands will not be correctly recognized or misinterpreted.

==> Easier to fly with this FlyPad (view on Amazon)

Quality and craftsmanship

Overall, this mini drone is really very high quality.

The plastic used is quite elastic and pliable. The main structure, rotor guard and the propeller itself are made of this material, which makes the Parrot Mambo quite durable.

She is very condescending! During the tests, Mambo flew several times indoors due to negligence. It immediately detects the accident and stops all rotors to avoid damaging motors and rotor blades.

Parrot Mambo Features and Features

It will be a lot of fun to equip the Mambo Parrot with various Lego bricks. If you have small Lego bricks at home, you can, for example, build a small tower on a drone. But watch your weight ;-).

The corresponding mating surfaces have the contacts required for the minigun and grapple weapon.

Mini gun

If you put on the mini-gun, the app will recognize it.

Now just add a few more balls, tap the corresponding touch field in the app, then the mini-gun will cock the spring and the drone will release the ball.

The power of the mini-gun is enough to shoot balloons from it.

Gripping hands

Grips can also be opened and closed in the app.

They are well packaged and you can use them to transport a few small, lightweight items from A to B.

But be careful not to overload the drone!

The grips can be mounted both above and below the drone.

Rolls and stunts

Pre-programmed tricks and flips are typical of many Parrot drones. As with the Parrot Airborne Night, you can also choose between forward, backward and side flips.

Double tap the touch field once and the drone will perform the trick in question and then stabilize.

However, the tricks only work if the drone isn’t equipped with gripping arms or a mini-gun.

Mambo parrot test result

What we noticed in the test is that when a small mini drone flies on a flat surface, it always maintains its height.

However, with sudden changes in height, such as at a table, the Mambo can take off a bit, as the sound sensor can get confused.

This becomes clear when you wave your hand under the drone, then it starts to “dance”.

Otherwise, it is really very stable in the air.

What could have been done better?

The only thing that worried us about the Parrot Mambo was a flight time of about 7 minutes (in our test). Unfortunately, only a 550mAh battery is installed and Parrot may develop much more powerful batteries for this type of drone in the future.

After about 25-30 minutes of charging, the Parrot Mambo is fully charged and ready to use.

But overall, you get a very good mini drone for your money, which is really impressive compared to other fun drones.