Parrot Swing drone test: how well is the paraglider doing in practice?

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.8 / 5

French manufacturer Parrot is launching a scaled-down version of the Parrot Disco, which should be especially suitable for children and beginner drones. Not only the price of 132 euros, but also the simple controls and flight stability make this drone interesting for all beginners. Find out in this post why a mini drone is really good and if it is worth the money!

Scope of supply and quality of materials

As usual with Parrot, the volume of orders for this drone is very large and offers the following in addition to the hybrid drone:

  • Parrot Swing drone
  • Parrot Flypad
  • Micro-USB cable for battery charging
  • 8 propellers
  • Smartphone holder
  • multilingual operating manual

Glossy cardboard safely holds an extensive array of drones. Manufacturing of the case and controller is of high quality and fits very comfortably in the hand. If you want to charge the drone, you can simply use the mobile phone charging cable as it is not included in the package.

Flight performance and control

Due to its very light weight – just under 75g, the quadcopter is also suitable for indoor use.

However, caution is advised here as the Swing Drone can also damage the wall unit or display case at full speed. It is best to only launch the drone in a suitable environment.

Before the first flight, we briefly charged the battery, otherwise the drone will be delivered ready to fly. The battery is simply inserted into the drone and you have to press down on it until you hear a short click.

Then the drone’s battery is securely attached and the drone is ready to fly.

“Eyes” or. The front LEDs of the drone glow with the light green tone we already know from the Parrot Mambo.

Front Swing Drone LEDs

To be able to fly the drone, you need to download the Parrot FreeflightMini app for free from the Google Play or iOS store. You don’t need to register like you do with DJI, you can simply connect the app directly to the drone and take off.

You place your mobile phone horizontally on the stand and tighten the top hinge just enough to prevent the smartphone from falling out of the holder. The remote control, like the drone itself, is made of very high quality material.

The fenders are made of resilient foam and can withstand one fall or another. However, the construction of the drone is not as stable as for example. Parrot Airbourne Night, as bumpers or guards on either side of the drone can adequately absorb collision (they are not available on Parrot Swing).

We crashed into a flower bush, the front wall, the ceiling, and also our tripod – the drone received only a few light blows on the wings, the body is almost intact.

It may happen that you have to reassemble the wings, which shouldn’t be a big problem. How to do this is detailed in many YouTube videos and instructions in German.

The drone itself is made of scratch-resistant carbon fiber, which guarantees adequate stability.

Parrot Swing vertical takeoff

The drone launches vertically upward and can be catapulted into the air by pressing the takeoff button. The drone does it on its own and rises to a height of 1.20 m.

The drone is then positioned horizontally and stabilized in the air. Upon landing, it returns to an upright position, in our opinion pretty cool!

There is no FPV function (i.e. the drone cannot be controlled with virtual goggles, the built-in camera is not designed for this), which can be used with the app and FPV goggles.

The controller battery lasted almost 5 hours in our test, which is a decent price indeed for a financial drone. Charging takes about 120 minutes depending on which power source you are using.

The drone battery lasts for an effective flight time of just under 7 minutes, and depending on how much you load the drone, you will definitely get 6 minutes.

If this is too little for you, you can buy a spare battery for as little as 14 euros that you can carry with you. Small enough to carry 3 or 4 flying drone batteries in a backpack.

Without headwind and with a fairly free flight path, the copter develops a maximum speed of up to 30 km / h and, therefore, a really high speed! Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4k, for example, does not fly faster than 35 km / h and costs much more – 800 euros!

The drone can fly with a remote control up to 60 meters without signal problems, and with a smartphone – almost 25 meters. The drone reaches a maximum flight altitude of 25m, although in our test it sometimes ended at 23m.

In the application, you can use many tricks and maneuvers that are launched with one click. These include, for example, Loops, somersaults (180 degrees forward and sideways), and quick turns.

It looks pretty impressive and is sure to impress your friends too. In addition, there is an autopilot on board, on which the drone flies independently if you release the control sticks for a short time.

On the underside of the camera is a camera sensor as well as an ultrasonic sensor that keeps the drone aloft during flight, takeoff and landing. Thanks to the digital 3-axis stabilization system, the drone flight is very pleasant and easy.

Although it is a mini drone, its flight performance is really good and perfect for entering the drone world if you have no flying experience.

However, it should be noted that the Swing should not be flown in strong winds as this will cause slight wobble.

Conclusion on the Parrot Swing drone

We have to make it clear that flying on a swing is a lot of fun, especially beginners will get their money. If the drone crashes one day, it doesn’t matter as you can just keep flying without getting damaged.

The material used is of high quality and incredible stability. Components that can break in a collision are made of building materials that will forgive even the most difficult and stressful approach or crash.

The Flypad (remote) makes a very good impression and is almost the same as its big brother (Parrot Bepop 2) and has many functions.

Free app (for which you don’t need to register to fly, a big plus from my point of view!) Easy to use and non-crashing, but very reliable and smooth.

For 132 € you get a lot of drones at this great price! If you’re looking for an HD camera drone that already has intelligent flight modes and costs a little more (just under € 250), you definitely shouldn’t miss our Hubsan drone test video.

Of course, if you are looking for a drone with a camera, you should look at other models that cost significantly more (DJI Phantom 3 Standard, Phantom 3 Professional, Mavic Pro, etc.).