Potensic D60 FPV GPS Drone test, photo, video, range and flight time

In this test report, we would like to introduce you to another drone from the Potensic brand.

This quadcopter is very suitable for beginners and has an excellent value for money.

Now that we’ve tested over 100 drones, including many of the top brands, we can get a very good idea of ​​how good the drone really is.

In the test, we really liked the Potensic Brushless FPV drone. We have paid close attention to flight behavior, aircraft handling quality and features.

In this test report, we give you a small estimate and show you what the model is capable of.

You can watch our full video review here:

Potensic Brushless FPV Drone Specifications

The drone has many great technical features at an unbeatable price point. Also included is a GPS positioning system that perfectly keeps the quadcopter on its trajectory. In our drone tests, it worked perfectly and the model remained stable in flight.

Thanks to the GPS system, the drone can not only fly stably, but also automatically return to the starting point.

The drone is powered by 4 brushless electric motors, they are especially powerful and provide fast, strong acceleration and high top speed of the quadcopter.

There is also an optical imaging system. It is a visual altitude control system that also ensures the drone is stable in flight.

Built-in 1080P HD camera attached to a single axis gimbal. This provides more stable in-flight video recording. Thanks to the 5G transmission of the 1300FT, data is sent directly to the smartphone and you can follow the flight in real time from the first person on your smartphone.

In our opinion, on the surface, the Potensic Brushless FPV GPS drone is definitely worth the money in terms of technical details!

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A very modern camera with a 110-degree lens is integrated into this flight model. This lens captures especially high quality photos and videos. With a wide angle, you can also enjoy a unique panoramic aerial view, the images will be displayed in real time on your smartphone.

An optional built-in gravity sensor allows the drone to fully automatically adjust to the ideal recording angle.

Crystal clear images are sent directly from the HD 1080p camera via 5G transmission, and you can control the drone from a first-person perspective in FPV mode.

The maximum image transmission distance is up to 300 meters. In this way, you can still enjoy the scenery at a distance of 300 meters and in 1080P quality.

Another small mini camera is attached under the drone, but it is only responsible for maintaining the optical height. Unfortunately, you cannot take photos or videos with this camera.

Design and appearance

In the beginning, the exterior in particular inspired us to test out the Potensic Brushless FPV GPS drone one day. From above it is painted silver, otherwise it should be matte black.

The rotors are quite large, but the rotor blades are made of durable material. In the event of a collision, they can easily survive. Unfortunately, there is no additional protection for the rotor.

Due to the large rotor blades, lift is generated over a very large area by rotation. As a result, the quadcopter flies even more stable and is much easier to control.

You can also fly the quadcopter in the dark or at dusk because the model has twin lights. There are 2 green lights in front and 2 red lights in the back, so you can always gauge the angle at which the drone is towards you.

Unfortunately, the Potensic levers are permanently installed, so there is no way to fold them and thus save a little space.

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Flight time and battery

The package includes a 1800 mAh flight battery. This is enough for 20 minutes of flight with FPV transmission turned off. You can insert and replace the battery very easily.

Of course, the flight time also depends on how much you use the drone. If you are performing strong maneuvers with frequent acceleration and deceleration, the quadcopter will not be able to fly as the flight battery will drain much faster. FPV transmission also requires a lot of charge carriers per unit of time, so you can of course fly much longer with transmission turned off.

Flight behavior

Thanks to advanced safety systems, the Potensic Brushless FPV GPS drone flies very stable. It will be easy for beginners to get used to the flight behavior of the drone.

The quadcopter immediately accepts control commands and immediately executes them.

However, if this is your first time launching a drone, we recommend flying in an open field, as the chance of collisions with other objects is much lower here. Otherwise, if you already have some practice, it is also possible to fly in an apartment because the drone is very safe in the air.

Flight modes

Auto Return Function: Since the Potensic Brushless drone has a well-functioning GPS system, the drone can always be sent home on command. This starting point is usually the starting point. Return to Home mode starts automatically if communication is lost or the flight battery is low.

Alarm function: The model also has an alarm. If the battery is very low or the aircraft is out of range, a beep will sound.

Pros and cons


  • Very easy to control and ideal for beginners
  • Excellent value for money
  • Excellent design and appearance
  • Large and powerful electric drives
  • Reliable GPS positioning system
  • Optical altitude hold system
  • Modern remote with holder for mobile device
  • Safe and stable transmission of real-time video data to smartphone
  • Can fly FPV
  • Fast acceleration and high speed
  • Nice 1080P camera


  • Does not have 4K resolution
  • Unfortunately, the quadcopter arms cannot be folded.


We liked this aircraft very much and are happy to recommend it to others. The best quadcopter in this price segment is hard to find! What worries us a little is that the arms, unfortunately, do not fold. For professionals, it can be problematic that the camera resolution is not within 4K limits, so the model is more for novices and advanced users.

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