Potensic Nova drone test: photo, video, flight time, range and flight behavior

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Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.1 / 5

The Potensic 720P drone with FPV (WiFi) image transmission is ideal for beginners. The price also makes the model particularly attractive.

In addition to the auto take off and landing feature, there are several other features that make it particularly easy to use and make it easier for beginners to get started.

In this article, we will introduce you to all the important technical details and what you should definitely pay attention to when commissioning.

At the end, we compare the most important positive and negative facts and give comprehensive buying advice.

You can watch our video review here:

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The Potensic 720P drone package is quite generous for the price. The compact construction and elegant design of the model made a particular impression.

The drone is controlled using a 2.4 GHz remote control. There is also a simple holder that you can attach your smartphone to. The controller is very comfortable in the hand and provides a stable connection between the remote control and the drone.

Images can be transmitted from drone to smartphone in real time, making FPV flight reliable and elegant.

There is also an optional free app that can be installed quickly and easily.


The cockpit is not painted with special color accents, but it is made quite simple, so it is just black.

Among other things, the propellers are protected from external damage, for which appropriate protective devices are installed.

The camera is simply missed and almost invisible. Unfortunately, there is no mechanical or digital harness here.

At the top in the back there is a gray on / off button.

The material is strong enough, so the drone forgives one fall or another.


This model has a 720P camera built in. In terms of quality, there is not much difference with many other drones with 720P camera, not much.

The footage is average and quite suitable for hobbies, but professionals are better off choosing a model with a better camera, since in our opinion it is not suitable for professional use.

Several drone camera shots:

Battery, range and flight time

All this is in the built-in flight battery. This is a 1000mAh LiPo battery. It can be easily inserted and removed again, and there is also a USB connection.

In terms of flight time, it largely depends on the level of speed at which the model is driven.

When the battery is low, a loud Di-Di alarm sounds to indicate that the battery is low.

If the drone is paired with a smartphone, the mobile phone even vibrates, indicating a low battery.

The Potensic 720P drone can also fly up to 50 meters and far, which is quite enough for a beginner.

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Flight behavior

The Potensic 720P drone has excellent flight performance. It accepts control commands quickly and without problems, they are executed directly.

If you are disoriented this is not a problem, because in headless mode, the drone can be returned very quickly by simply pulling the right stick down.

As already mentioned, takeoff and landing are also very simple, for this there is a button, if you press it, the model will take off.

As a beginner, you will very quickly get used to the controls and behavior of the model in flight.

Features and flight modes

For that price, you even have a flight plan that you can set up and then the drone will fly away.

You can define it however you want in the application.

Auto takeoff and landing function and headless mode are especially suitable for beginners.

Headless means the drone is moving exactly in the direction it is pointed, no matter how it is oriented.

Pros and cons


  • Fast, agile and agile
  • Ease of use – ideal for beginners
  • Very good value for money
  • WiFi and FPV images are transmitted to the smartphone in real time
  • Ultra-stable image transmission (FPV)
  • 3 speed modes to choose from: for beginners, for advanced and for professionals
  • Removable modular battery pack
  • Has an alarm function when the battery is low
  • Automatic Altitude Hold Mode
  • Headless Mode


  • Photos and videos are suitable only for beginners.
  • Slightly short flight times, so be sure to buy some batteries 😉


The model is great for beginners, has practically no weak points and has an excellent price / quality ratio. If you don’t have a lot of flying experience and are looking for a cheap deal, you should buy it here.

For our taste, the assortment could be slightly larger, but for such a price it is quite suitable.

The flight behavior is excellent. Since the quadcopter flies stable, reliable and safe, it is also great for outdoor flying, but it shouldn’t be too windy.

The image and video quality is also good for the price.

Overall, you are getting a great drone for a good price, so we are happy to recommend the Potensic 720P drone to you.

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