Potential drone in the test: flight characteristics, range, practical test photos and videos

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.6 / 5

The Potensic F181DH drone should be especially suitable for beginners and offer good value for money.

There are two different variants of this drone on the market, one with a 2MP camera and the other with a much better drone camera that can record in HD.

We tried out the 2MP variant and in this drone test we will show you what a quadcopter is really capable of in practice!

F181DH appearance and design

Since blue is my favorite color, this color convinced me from the beginning 😀 The F181DH comes standard with a propeller guard, which makes flying much easier, especially for beginners.

The remote control has a mobile phone holder that fits even a tablet. To control the drone, you need to download the app. It is free for Android and IOS and can be used without registration.

The battery has a capacity of 750 mAh and can be fully charged in less than 60 minutes. The battery is charged via a USB cable from an outlet, power bank or laptop.

This is a clear advantage over much more expensive models such as the Mavic Air (here data can only be copied over a USB-C connection and not downloaded).

A cool addition to the drone suite is the USB card reader.

An SD card, in this case 4GB, is also included with many other drones, but without a USB card reader.

There is an operation manual in German that details how the drone works.

Flight behavior and functions

The quadcopter can be easily lifted into the air using the launch button on the remote control. The blue copter rises up to one meter into the air.

In position hold mode or altitude hold mode in German, the drone hovers evenly at a constant altitude.

The drone manages to maintain altitude well, but the drone drifts quickly in light winds.

However, you should be aware that all drones in this price range exhibit similar flight behavior.

I would definitely count the Potensic as an entry-level drone. In any case, the flight performance can be categorized as very good.

With 5.8G control, the live image transmission to the remote control is no problem at a distance of up to 30m and a height of up to 20m, and works perfectly. However, after that, dropouts occur in the image transmission.

Stunts like flipping the drone are a lot of fun and work great in practice.

A flight time of 7 minutes is absolutely normal to start with. Another battery is included, so you can hover in the air for almost a quarter of an hour.

If the air deflectors are removed, the flight time will last a little longer and can be increased to 8-8.5 minutes.

The first attempts to fly should definitely start in nature, as beginners should first become familiar with the controls.

While the drone stands as if nailed in the air, it sometimes tends to drift sideways without prior notice.

So if you’re flying indoors right now, it can quickly lead to an accident.

From my point of view, a big plus is the stability of the body and the drone as a whole. In our flight tests, the quadcopter also survived accidents from a height of several meters.

The drone received only a few scratches.

Thus, the overall flight behavior can be assessed as good, although a little practice is required at the beginning to feel 100% confident in flying the drone.

Photo and video quality

Accordingly, the photo quality is poor due to the low resolution of 2 megapixels.

The videos aren’t particularly special either.

There is no gimbal to stabilize the tape recording and provide a stable, smooth picture.

Here’s our photo around the corner:

Conclusion on the Potensic drone

The drone is especially suitable for beginners with no flying experience.

The quadcopter can withstand even the most severe falls and makes the helicopter interesting for all pilots who have yet to learn to fly.


The scope of delivery is extremely large and includes everything necessary for the further flight.

The Potensic F181DH is currently very cheap to buy on Amazon.

If you’ve already had drone flying experience and want a better picture or performance, then you can take a look at the Hubsan drone.

If your budget is € 350 and you need 4k tapes, then UPAir 4k might be the right choice for you.

If flight comfort is a priority, DJI’s entry-level Spark drone is the right drone for you.

If you have any questions about the drone or other models, just use the comment feature as always!

P.S.: Test video will follow as soon as I find time to trim it 🙂