Qwinout King Kong 90GT: flight characteristics, flight times, flight modes

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.3 / 5

Qwinout King Kong 90GT BNF with quality brushless drive is a cool racing drone.

Also on board is an excellent camera and a well thought out control system.

Because the model is so inexpensive, it is especially suitable for beginners who have little flying experience and therefore do not want to spend so much in the beginning.

The design is simple and looks pretty technical. Despite its small size, you still have the option to build a suitable hood or housing for your quadcopter.

Technical details

little king kong drone

Qwinout King Kong 90GT BNF is driven by 4 very powerful brushless motors. This is each 1103 7800 kV motor. Because the drone is so compact and lightweight, fast and harsh flight maneuvers are not a problem. So in racing you are well armed against other quadcopters.

If you ever want to tinker with a drone, it’s pretty simple. The PCB is designed very clearly, there are 3 connections for the brushless motors in the corners, another small PCB with a camera on the front, and on the side connections (positive and negative) for the 2S Lipo battery.

The receiver unit is located at the back of the PCB. Even if everything is in place and you can quickly figure out how something works, we recommend that you don’t just wildly solder if something is wrong if you really don’t know about it.

Camera, FPV and recording

The camera is quite small, so you shouldn’t expect much from its quality. This is an 800TVL CMOS sensor. For FPV racing, this is sufficient as the camera has a field of view of about 150 degrees.

The 5.8G16CH FPV transmitter transmits the FPV signal safely and without long delays. The transmitter power is 25 mW.

We recommend that you only use high quality FPV goggles to be able to capture high quality video without distortion.

Flight performance and fun

Unfortunately, no 6-axis gyroscope is installed. This is so common with this class of drones, you need a little more practice for FPV racing, but once you master it, it all gets really fun!

In particular, the high flight speed is really impressive. This is due to the powerful 1103 7800kV brushless motors that can reach extremely high speeds.

When wearing the propellers, make sure they are screwed on correctly, otherwise the aircraft will not be able to take off. There are 2 CW screws and 2 CCW screws, which differ in black and green.

Design and size


As already mentioned, the Qwinout King Kong 90GT BNF drone is a very elegant, compact and lightweight quadcopter model.

Dimensions are 82 x 82 x 28mm, so the drone is palm-sized. Weight without battery is about 43 grams.

Accumulator battery

It uses a 2S 7.4V 25C 350mAh lithium-ion battery as a power source. This is enough for about 6 minutes of flight, after which you need to land and charge the flight battery.

Pros and cons

Drone shot


  • Fast, agile and agile
  • Ideal for beginners on a budget
  • Low price – good value for money
  • Transparent PCB for easy repair
  • Very high quality small camera that gives good pictures despite its small size


  • Without gyroscopic system


The little drone is really a lot of fun and you can use it to do cool tricks, but it takes a bit of practice to do that, it doesn’t work overnight, there are no programmed 360-degree turns, and there is no built-in gyroscope system.

Therefore, we recommend that you practice slowly and gradually approach more spectacular maneuvers.

The powerful brushless motors are especially impressive. They turn so high that the drone is incredibly maneuverable and maneuverable.

At the end of the day, price is also a decisive buying criterion for many, and this model is much lower than competing models. Therefore, we can recommend the quadcopter.

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