RC Eye Racecopter Navigator 250 RTF Test

Entertainment factor
Flight behavior
Material quality
Recording quality
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Overall rating 4.1 / 5

The new quadcopter model from CONRAD Elektronik is the RC Eye Racecopter Navigator 250 RTF.

This is an FPV drone that is ideal for both novice and experienced users.

The biggest advantage of the FPV Race quadcopter is the additional GPS support that most racing drones lack. GPS enables features such as Return to Home and Altitude Adjustment, making it much easier to operate your drone model.

Another feature really rare among racing drones is the foldable legs of the navigator. This feature makes it easy to take the drone with you wherever you go and fits into any backpack.



The built-in HD camera is stabilized by a quality gimbal.

Overall, this model has very extensive equipment and adequate weight, but the RC Eye Racecopter Navigator 250 RTF has really excellent flight characteristics.

Especially high speed and fast acceleration make this model the first contender in FPV racing.

Sorry, there is a problem with the battery holder. Standard Lipo battery cannot be used with 3S.

Overall, however, the model makes a very good impression, has the most important functions and is very easy to operate. Security systems guarantee a high level of security, especially for beginners.

Size, design and weight

The model is a Ready To Fly package. For a racing drone, that’s 755 g.

The programmable LED lights are really cool too. This allows you to see and control the drone well even in the dark. Typically, racing drones are used in bright areas. However, competitors can get to know you better while racing.

Safety is very important to the manufacturer. The scope of delivery includes a propeller protection, and the model is securely packed with foam rubber. The GPS antenna is located above the model.

Overall the drone feels very stable, has solid levers, a quality carbon frame and looks pretty cool.

Camera, memory and FPV live image transmission

The camera mount is equipped with 1-axis servo control, which ensures that the camera is held in a stable horizontal position during flight.

Thanks to the highly integrated Fatshark HD Vision system, live images are transmitted directly in real time to goggles or FPV monitors. This way, you can experience the race live in a first-person perspective in a particularly realistic way.

You can adjust the tilt angle of the camera using the servo control.

Battery and flight time

Accumulator battery

The supplied battery has a capacity of 2400mAh and a voltage of 11.1V. It can be easily inserted into the quadcopter via the rail system.

Fully charged, you can fly the RC Eye Racecopter Navigator 250 RTF for up to 10 minutes. The charging time is 150 minutes to fully charge the flight battery.

Remote control

The supplied RC Logger remote control is also used with other models. It is an 8-channel 2.4GHz radio remote control.

The package also includes a shoulder strap for the remote control, a teacher / student cable and 4 AA batteries.

Real-time telemetry data is displayed on the LCD so you can always have full control of the RC Eye Racecopter Navigator 250 RTF.

Flight stabilization

With a 6-axis gyroscopic system, various acceleration sensors and GPS, flying on this model will be child’s play.

In particular, beginners can take advantage of the intelligent flight assistance system.

Pros and cons


  • The battery is replaceable and can be easily fixed with a rail system.
  • Large RC Racing Quadcopter with extensive safety systems
  • Especially suitable for beginners
  • Very high quality material processing
  • There is a GPS
  • 1-axis servo control
  • Ready to fly
  • Fatshark HD Vision System


  • Long loading times
  • Modest flight time (only 10 minutes)


Helicopter in the air

In our opinion, the RC Eye Racecopter Navigator 250 RTF is the best racing model for beginners who want to experience the sensation of flying a racing copter.

Although slightly larger than some other racing quadcopters, it is very durable. It also comes ready to fly, which is another big benefit.

You can order the RC Eye Racecopter Navigator 250 RTF here on Amazon! *