Revell Control 23876 in practical test: flight behavior, battery life and other features in test

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4/5

Revell is a relatively unknown manufacturer in the drone market. The company is known for the production and sale of plastic models, ready-made models and various accessories.

However, you will not find particularly large drones among the offers, but there are many mini and toy drones. Of course we looked at the next best flight model and ordered the Revell Control 23876. You can get them for less than 50 euros.

Takeoff and landing are performed at the touch of a button, and the model must also be equipped with a 6-axis stabilization system and an altitude sensor that is easy to operate. In addition, the aircraft is equipped with a propeller guard. Ideal for beginners who want to get some experience and feel like flying.

Additional technical details and equipment

The model is fully assembled and “ready to fly”, just unpack and fly. When fully charged, the battery keeps the drone aloft for a full 20 minutes. However, the actual flight time depends on the pilot’s flying style. With a much more powerful battery, the flight time can be extended slightly, 20 minutes can be achieved with a standard flight battery that has a capacity of around 1500mAh.

Revel Controll battery compartment

It is also interchangeable and flight time can be extended as needed with intermediate stops and multiple batteries. The LiPo battery can be quickly charged using the included USB charger.

In the air, the Revell Controll is reasonably priced. Of course, you shouldn’t expect a miracle drone here, but keep in mind that it only costs around € 50! Dimensions are approximately 270 mm long, approximately 270 mm wide and approximately 70 mm high. Takeoff weight is about 220 g.

Lighter gusts of wind are not a big problem for the drone, the flight model can handle it, but suddenly high winds can be dangerous because the motors have limited ability to counteract it. The drone is controlled by a 4 GHz remote control, but unfortunately the range is limited to 30 meters.

A highlight is the 720p HD on-board camera with which you can record breathtaking videos and bird’s-eye views. This is not typical for a quadcopter at this price point, which certainly speaks in favor of this model!

Revell Controll 23876 has no mechanical or digital gimbal system. So the videos are a little shaky because the movements are not balanced. The recorded photos and videos are then saved to the SD card. The memory card is not included in the package and must be purchased separately.

We especially liked the headless mode and the preprogrammed flip function that can be triggered at the touch of a button.

Revell - drone flip challenge

The advantage of headless mode is that if you get lost orientation with the drone, you can switch to this mode and fly the model regardless of the direction the drone’s head is pointing. By pulling the right stick, the Revell Controll 23876 flies back towards the pilot in headless mode, without the pilot having to worry about the current position or direction of flight.

The drone has 2 levels of speed. At the low level, you should only fly indoors and only go up to the higher level after you have gained experience flying the Revell. In addition, it is equipped with LED lighting, which, unfortunately, is not enough to sufficiently illuminate the surroundings at night. Then you can see them better at dusk or in a dark room.

scope of delivery

The scope of delivery includes everything needed for immediate take-off, with the exception of a set of batteries for radio control. If you want to record video and photo material, you will also need an SD card, as it is also not included in the package.

The kit includes the following parts:

• Revell Controll 23876 with HD camera (removable)
• 4-channel 2.4 GHz remote control
• LiPo 3.7V 1500mAh battery (replaceable)
• USB charger
• Replacement rotors (1 complete replacement kit)
• Rotor protection for each rotor
• Landing runners
• Manual

You definitely need to buy this:

• SD Card
• 3 AA 1.5 V batteries for remote control operation

Pros and cons

When evaluating the pros and cons, you should always remember that this is a small and very cheap drone. You can usually only find outstanding quality in more expensive models, or from a manufacturer who has a lot of drone design and construction experience.


• Very cheap price
• Removable HD camera provides good photo and video recording.
• Replaceable flight battery
• Long flight time
• Reliable
• Reasonable security measures.
• Ideal for inexperienced beginners.


• Not suitable for professionals; experienced drone users will find the drone boring.
• Revell Control 23876 cannot withstand strong gusts of wind.
• Short range of only 30 m.
• Connections are quickly lost once the limited range is exhausted


You can get a small drone here for very little money. So if you just want to try flying a quadcopter, you can try it with the Revell Controll 23876. However, don’t expect too much from this model, for around € 50 you won’t get a sophisticated flight model that can match other drones.

There are currently cheap deals on the Revell Controll * drone.

Revell Controll 23876 drone alternatives

If you are looking for an entry-level drone but are on a budget, there are some alternatives you can opt for as well. Parrot, Hubsan and DJI Global Market Leader are the # 1 Contact Point! In the field of toy drones, the Parrot Airborne Night and Parrot Mambo are very popular. DJI also has mini drones, Ryze DJI Tello and DJI Spark are highly recommended here, but the latter will have to spend a little more money. Another favorite model of many newbies is the Hubsan H501S X4, which you can get for under € 200 and it performed very well in our test.

So if you are not satisfied with Revell Controll 23876 and its features, you can read these test reports. Otherwise, you can get a good drone from Revell for around € 50, which also forgives one accident or another.