Revell Control VR in a hands-on test: a lot of quality at a great price?

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.6 / 5

With Spot VR, renowned toy manufacturer Revell is bringing a small but beautiful entry-level drone into the race.

The design gives a clear message from the start: This drone shouldn’t compete with DJI & Co., but should be a high quality, yet cheap entertainment drone that can also land under a tree in the worst case scenario.

Data sheet:

– Wingspan: 14.4 x 4.2 x 14.4 cm.

-Weight: about 32g

-Flying time: 6-10 min.

-Battery: 3.7V 350mAh

-Charging time: about 1 hour

-Working frequency: 2.4GHz

-Range: up to 40 m

-Camera: 480p

Battery power and flow time

In our test, we recorded a flight time of around 7 minutes, which is a good average for this price range. Parrot Mambo and Parrot Airbourne have the same flight times and prices.

The battery can be removed and fully charged in about 60 minutes.

The supplied battery-to-USB adapter can be used to charge the battery through any USB port, but we recommend using the USB mains plug as this may take a little longer for the computer.

The ability to charge the battery via USB is very practical, especially for hiking and the like. This mechanism is present in this drone, much more expensive models such as the B. Mavic Air (the latest drone from DJI) unfortunately not found

However, since the battery cable is quite short, we recommend using a USB extension cable to avoid pulling on the cables while charging.

Remote control and glasses

First of all, four AAA batteries are required to operate the remote control; once you’ve grabbed them and inserted them, you’re ready to go.

The controls are simple in design, pleasantly light and comfortable to use, despite appearing to be slightly smaller than comparable models.

The smartphone can be attached to the top of the remote if you are not flying in FPV using the supplied VR glasses. In the free app, you can follow the flight in real time from the perspective of the drone.

The glasses are very well padded and comfortable to wear. It closes securely towards the face and we could not detect light penetration. All common smartphones can be inserted.

Drone camera and video quality

The Spot VR camera is mainly used only for flight tracking, so don’t expect miracles.

It is impossible to capture attractive and high-quality images at 480p, but the camera is not really designed for that. The video image is similar to the images from the Syma drone.

However, the quality is quite enough to take off for a live image, especially in VR mode, the image in the test on Samsung Note 3 (Samsung image post-processing is activated).

However, the image transmission is also stable at a maximum distance of 35-40m. Fortunately, in our test we did not find any image interruptions or unpleasant jerks.

Quality of materials and workmanship

As you know from Revell, the drone is more like a toy, it is very green / pink / gray / white / black. Besides the almost “colorful” fuselage, the two forward rotor blades also have a bright green color, which is also easily recognizable in flight.

The landing legs are unusually attached to the underside of the main rotor, i.e. the outriggers rather than the fuselage, which makes sense for a smaller drone.

It is also unusual for the rotor guards to be permanently installed and not removed. Overall, the drone gives the impression that it is geared more towards the younger generation and wants to be relegated to the toy segment.

Drone in the air

First, it is noticeable that a drone with an incredibly low take-off weight of only 90 g begins to wobble in light winds. In moderate winds, we even had to cancel or postpone the test.

With this weight, the quadcopter is clearly one of the mini-drones.

The super drone flies indoors. It can be controlled very precisely and you can maneuver through window or door frames with little dexterity and stand steadily in the air.

The choice between fast and slow modes makes the drone especially suitable for indoor and outdoor flight.

When the wind died down the next day, we were able to test the drone outdoors. This is where the benefits and most of all the fun factor of VR mode becomes apparent.

As always, we recommend that beginners take their first flights in VR while seated to get used to an unfamiliar perspective. The picture quality of the live broadcast is quite good.

It must be said that even with significantly more expensive drones, the live image quality is not necessarily much better, despite the partially built-in 4K cameras, real-time image transmission is so demanding that the quality for a smartphone drops slightly for each drone.

It can definitely be argued that the VR feature is as good as the drone, which sits in the upper three-digit euro range.

When flying outdoors, range is, unfortunately, quite a limiting factor: once you feel like you’ve reached your maximum speed and hover over the forest from the drone’s perspective, you’ve already reached 40 meters.

However, if you don’t get the thrill of speed through VR goggles, you’re guaranteed to have tons of fun out of it.

In terms of control and responsiveness, the drone is very easy to fly, reacts directly, but relatively manual and thus allows one or two mistakes, which is ideal for beginners.

Brief review

If you want a bird’s eye view of the nearest forest or nearby river but can’t afford a ticket or risk losing a thousand euro drone, then Spot VR is the perfect option.

It’s great for newbies and at a very affordable price. If the drone is doing something, the most important thing is fun! And who doesn’t like learning to fly when it’s a lot of fun without emptying your wallet to a dangerous degree. The quadcopter is currently available for cheap on Amazon.

P.S.: Our test video coming soon 🙂