Samsung New Gear 360 + Best High Quality 360 ° View

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Overall rating 4.4 / 5

360-degree cameras have been all the rage for some time and will become more popular in the future.

You can record videos in all directions at the same time. The viewer can then watch the video in such a way that he can turn or look up / down, usually with a mouse pointer or using a touchpad on a smartphone or tablet.

It gets really interesting when you have VR glasses with built-in position sensor, then you feel like you are living in action.

Meanwhile, these 360-degree cameras have also become quite affordable. A fairly well-known manufacturer is Samsung. For example, the Gear 360 is available for around € 100. We took a close look at this model.


The design and execution are simple and straightforward. However, the case doesn’t look too cheap. The most important buttons such as the shutter button and menu button are clearly located. On the side is a micro USB port and a microSD card slot.

Image sensor, resolution and memory

Samsung Gear 360 generates 360-degree 4K video. Two image sensors with wide-angle lenses and a resolution of 8.4 megapixels each are used to obtain particularly good images.

When recording video, a maximum of 4096 x 2048 pixels (4K) can be recorded at 24 frames per second.

Photos and videos can be saved to a microSD card up to 256GB.

With the Samsung Gear 360 Degree App, you can watch the recording on your smartphone and share it on social networks. While watching, you can slide your finger over it and navigate the 360-degree video.

Processing, menu navigation and recording modes

The camera is compact and at the same time quite light (130 grams), so the hand does not get tired or weak too quickly.

The camera is ergonomically shaped to be held in your hand, but you can also attach a bracket and mount the camera 360 degrees.

In the app, you can easily select different angles and modes. There are 5 different ways to view a photo or video:

  • 360 degree recording
  • Stretched image quality
  • 360 ° view
  • Dual view (recording from respective cameras)
  • Panoramic shot

Battery and maximum recording time

The supplied battery has a maximum charge capacity of 1160 mAh. With a set resolution of 2560 x 1280 pixels and 30 frames per second, the 360-degree camera can record up to 130 minutes at a time.

What models are compatible?

The camera can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth v4.1 or Wi-Fi.

The following models are compatible:

  • Galaxy Note 8 and Note 5
  • S8 and S8 +
  • S7 and S7 edge
  • S6 edge +, S6 and S6 edge
  • A5 (2017) and A7 (2017)
  • iPhone 8, 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • 6s and 6s plus
  • SE

To run the application, you also need an operating system with Android 5.0 or higher, and for Apple devices – iOS 10.0 or higher.

Pros and cons

In our opinion, the Samsung Gear 360 Grad is definitely worth the price. To help you make your purchasing decision, we’ve put together the most important facts for you.


  • Lies securely, comfortably and lightly in the hand
  • High-quality photos and videos in a 360-degree view
  • Crisp 4K video (4096 x 2048 pixels) @ 24 fps
  • Compatible with VR glasses such as Gear VR
  • 5 interesting shooting modes
  • Compatible with many models of smartphones
  • MicroSD card up to 256GB
  • You can share photos, videos and live broadcasts on social networks
  • The camera is rated IP53 (splash water and dust).


  • Battery is low after just over 2 hours of continuous recording


The Samsung Gear 360 is the first 360-degree camera we’ve looked at. In particular, the recording functions and modes are ideal for individual use and provide versatile viewing.

Some people may need to get used to the way of shooting, but you will quickly master it.

For vacation trips and other events, it is ideal for capturing beautiful moments in close-up and replaying them later.Because of this and because of the low price, we give a clear recommendation to buy!

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