Sendow 4K camera in the test: photo and video quality, battery life and handling in practice

Photo quality
Video quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4.4 / 5

Same model as SJCAM SJ8 Pro – Sendow 4K camera. The only difference is that the Sendow cam is significantly cheaper.

This is an action camera that is waterproof up to 30 meters. The housing also has an IP 68 rating and a 16 megapixel photo sensor. The huge price difference between the SJ8 Pro and the Sendow camera is due to the fact that the SJ8 features the latest chipset currently on the market.

The Sendow camera is equipped with a 170-degree wide-angle lens, which provides a soft, smooth and sharp image. Another advantage of the wide angle is that the recording quality is very good even in low light conditions, as it can capture more light sources. Photos and videos at dusk look much brighter than other models and are very close to reality.

ActionCams waterproof cameras are popular cameras, especially among divers and snorkelers, so the quality of the recording also plays an important role in low light conditions.

However, the camera is also ideal for many other sports such as cycling, motorbiking or skiing. Various brackets are also included in the package. Various recording modes are also available.
Resolution, frame rate and quality

Sendow creates 25fps at 4K resolution, only 30fps at 2.7K, 1080p 60fps, and 720p 120fps. With the SJ8, the frame rate is roughly doubled thanks to the onboard chipset.

Ambitious filmmakers will still pay off with a Sendow camera. The pictures are very impressive, the menu navigation is not overloaded, there are accessories for almost any hobby. The Sendow Cam is especially used by divers to photograph the underwater world.

Pictures and videos are incredibly clear and deliver very high quality pictures because the camera costs so little. This is more than enough for a hobby. The photo lens clearly stands out in terms of value for money, as it has 16 megapixels, gives extremely detailed images with great color depth, and the entire camera is available for less than 60 euros.

Why is ActionCam so cheap?

The question of why this action camera is so cheap is of course justified. But the answer is very simple: this is a product from China. Sure, the GoPro is probably slightly stronger and better in terms of overall craftsmanship, but you’re also paying the brand for a GoPro camera.

The qualitative difference between NoName and a branded product doesn’t always have to be huge. In our opinion, you get a camera that is almost as good as action cameras that cost many times the price.

Work, app, Wi-Fi, battery, memory and connections

The controls and buttons are well structured. At the top right there is a shutter button, on the right there are 2 “Up and Down” buttons, as well as Wifi activation. Under the cam you will find the battery compartment. On the left are various connectors including HDMI, Micro USB, and Micro SD. It’s USB2.0. Supports SD cards up to 64GB.

The package includes a small remote control that can be connected to the Sendow camera via Wi-Fi. The signal travels from 10 to 15 meters.

In addition, you can also connect any mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to the camera. To do this, you need to download the XDV application.

You can also connect other devices to the action camera via HDMI connection. This includes, for example, modern flat screen TVs. Unfortunately an HDMI cable is not included in the package.

The package includes 2 x 900 mAh batteries. Unfortunately, the charging time for a single battery is 3 to 5 hours, with a maximum battery life of 90 minutes. However, you can buy as many additional replacement batteries as you like.
Package Contents – What’s Inside?

For a low price, the scope of delivery is very diverse. The package contains everything you need to use the camera for sports and recreation:

  • 1x SENDOW action camera
  • 2x 900mAh battery
  • 1x remote control
  • 1x waterproof case up to 30 meters
  • 1x bike holder
  • 1x fixed base
  • 1x switch
  • 1x helmet base
  • 1x tape
  • 1x 3M mat
  • 2 x cables
  • Supports 3x switches
  • 1x cleaning cloth
  • 1x user manual
  • 2x base

Pros and cons

We did not find any drawbacks with this camera, the price is also very good, so it is worth considering buying. We’ve compared the positive and negative aspects of Sendow below:


  • High quality 4K video recording at 30fps
  • Photo resolution 16 megapixels
  • Water resistant up to 30 meters
  • Wi-Fi function
  • Has an HDMI connection
  • 170 degree wide angle lens
  • Very cheap – everyone can afford it


  • Not RAW

Conclusion – is Sendow ActionCam right?

Some people complain that this camera is a product from China and that it is not at all comparable to expensive cameras. However, the technical equipment is almost as good as some expensive branded products.

Sendow’s 4K action camera is also ideal for touring, outdoor activities and diving. The protective cover is not only waterproof to a depth of 30 meters, but also shock resistant. The camera can hit rocks when climbing, and customers have reported that the housing protects it well from this.

You can freely wear the remote control on your wrist, and it is convenient to start and stop recording at the touch of a button. Connection with a smartphone or tablet is also possible. You can also view images and videos on the 2-inch screen on the back of the camera.

Many buyers praise the wide range of accessories that make the ActionCam easy to attach anywhere. You can buy a really inexpensive camera here on Amazon *.

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