SG906 4K Beast Drone test: photo, video, range and flight behavior


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From a purely visual point of view, we really liked the SG906 quadcopter, so we decided to take a close look at this model and subject it to extensive drone testing.

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This aircraft is suitable not only for experienced pilots, but also interesting for beginners. The SG906 Beast drone is stable in the air and, despite its low price, more than met our expectations.

Once you have ordered and paid for the model, it will take only 1-2 business days to process the parcel, during which your drone undergoes several more quality checks, and all individual parts are checked for operability. The device will be sent to you and you will receive a delivery confirmation.

The process is very clean and there is even a guarantee, so you can be safe when ordering. The model has shown itself to be very stable in our tests and even forgives one or two failures.

In-flight entertainment is also provided, because there is a Wi-Fi function, thanks to which you can connect the drone to your smartphone. As a result, there are many great features such as GPS tracking, first person drone control, image target tracking, gesture photography, and GPS positioning.

After we have unpacked this flight model and fully charged the battery, we go outside to put the drone to the test.

In this review, we bring you all the important details that we have learned about this model. In conclusion, we give a little buying advice + conclusion, and you can decide if this model is right for you. The following video review shows the strengths and weaknesses of the SG 906 drone:

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2 batteries:
3 batteries:

In the next video, we will show you the waypoints, circular mode and evaluate the quality of photos and videos from the drone:

ZLRC-Tier-SG906 drone technical data and facts

In addition to the high quality 4K HD camera, 4 1806 1700kV electric motors are installed, which operate without brushes and are very precisely controlled by a 30A controller.This results in extremely high flight performance, although each motor is powered only by 7.4V.

There is a 6-axis gyroscopic system, so the quadcopter floats very steadily and safely in the air without the intervention of the pilot. The gyro operates in 6 axes and thus provides a very balanced trajectory for the quadcopter. This makes it easy for beginners to learn how to fly with the ZLRC-Tier-SG906 drone.

In addition, the Beast drone has GPS, making the drone very calm and relaxed in the air. It also allows for some smart flight functions such as GPS Follow-Me and Return-to-Home, but more on that later in the Beast test report.

In flight, the model quickly develops a top speed of 45 km / h. Of course, this is not a racing drone, but the speed that the ZLRC-Tier-SG906 drone can reach is really enormous. And not least thanks to the powerful electric motors.

There are only problems with very strong gusts of wind, this is where the drone reaches its limit at some point. Otherwise, it is quite nimble in motion, sudden direction changes are also possible without any problems, and low to moderate winds are not a problem at all, the ZLRC-Tier-SG906 balances this completely automatically with a 6-axis gyro system.

Unfortunately, there is no automatic collision detection, like some models, for example. Mavic 2 Pro.

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Remote control and range check

We especially liked the remote control for the SG906 model. It has a very nice shape and a small display that shows the most important data in the overview.

This includes, for example, the current altitude, flight distance, and a signal showing the strength of the WLAN connection with our mobile phone. In addition, you can view the current battery level of the drone and the remote control. All values ​​are clearly visible until the sun shines directly on the display.

There are 2 handles on top that can be pulled out to attach a smartphone to it. In addition, the antennas can also be expanded at this stage to ensure optimal flight. Make sure to fully extend the antennas on each flight.

There are 2 buttons on the left and right for various functions such as starting a video or taking a photo. In the middle there are 4 status LEDs and under the on / off button.

Remote control drone in test

In general, however, the remote control is very simple, beginners will quickly find their bearings. The manufacturer has developed an app for the model so that you can easily control the drone from the first person using the remote control in the holder. The connection between the drone and the smartphone is via WLAN.

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The app is free to download for both Android and iOS devices. The Have Fun app works well in practice, but sometimes there are delays in the image if the drone is too far from the starting point.

The maximum control distance of the remote control is about 500 meters, and the maximum transmission distance is 400 meters. The frequency band of the transmitter and receiver is 5 GHz, which ensures the transmission of control signals. As for the GPS tracking distance, it works at a distance of about 30 meters.

We especially liked the gesture controls. When you are about 2 meters away from the model, you can use different hand movements to take photos or start recording videos. This feature is usually only available on more expensive drones like the one in the Hubsan Zino review.

Photo and video test: camera and recording

A high-quality front camera with 4K and a wide angle of about 120 degrees is installed. There is also a 720P downward facing camera.

Because the drone is so cheap, the photos and videos are undeniably impressive. We really liked them, and they are more than enough for a hobby.

With video resolution, you get a total of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and with photos, you get 4096 x 3072 pixels. So overall, this is a very good recording quality. However, we were a little disappointed that the video resolution is not in the higher range, 4K only refers to the photo resolution!

In addition, videos are not saved in 2k format, as on the packaging and in the product description, but only in Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels). The video quality is average compared to other drones in this price range.

Real Full HD looks even better, but it takes a lot more money to shell out. The DJI Spark delivers excellent Full HD footage in our benchmark test, but costs double the price.

However, the color depth and sharpness of the photos and videos are good and we were satisfied. In addition, the camera can record very good twilight shots thanks to the 120 degree wide-angle lens mounted here. It is aligned so that enough light enters the lens and therefore the photosensor.

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The design and construction of the drone in question


The design was one of the defining points where we absolutely wanted to test this model.

The drone folds just like the DJI Mavic Pro, so it’s fairly easy to transport.

At the top, the small bull’s trademark is shown in red, otherwise the quadcopter has a black / gray color combination.

The folding wings have bright LED strips to indicate the position of the model at night. You can easily remove the propellers and replace them, so to speak.

The camera in the front is simply built in and, unfortunately, has no mechanical or digital gimbal. There is also an additional cam at the bottom. The drone has electronic image stabilization that can be turned on and off in the app.

The model weighs 527 g, so you will definitely need a drone license plate.

When folded, the quadcopter has the following dimensions: 174 x 84 x 70 mm.When unfolded, it is approximately 283 x 253 x 70 mm.

The compact design provides very convenient transport and, in combination with its weight, particularly high flight stability.

Drone pilots can easily put the model in their pocket even when folded.

We also really liked the processing of the material because it is very stable and durable. This also ensures that even in the event of an accident, the flight model can be almost completely damaged.

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Battery technology and flight test

The flight battery is a Li-Po battery with a capacity of 2800 mAh and a weight of 150 g. It is very modern and can be easily and quickly inserted into the quadcopter.

When the battery is completely discharged, the maximum charging time is approximately 2.5 hours!

The flight duration will also depend on your flight behavior. On average, however, flight times are 18 to 20 minutes. The manufacturer specifies a maximum of 25 minutes, which is almost impossible to achieve with intensive use.

Flight modes in a practical test

The Beast drone offers a range of intelligent flight modes that can be used in flight practice. These include the following modes:


  • GPS follow
  • Gesture control
  • Waypoints
  • Circular fashion


Follow me in the test

In Follow-Me mo
de, the drone tracks the GPS signal from the remote controller and follows the pilot at every turn as long as he has the remote controller.

This flight mode works well in practice, although the camera sometimes loses sight of the pilot. The Beast drone is an entry-level drone that allows you to test Follow-Me, but does not meet the requirements of professional car chases.

However, keeping an eye on the drone in an open area with no obstacles or other restrictions is fun. The “Beast” does not have obstacle detection sensors, so this must be taken into account when teaching flight.

Take photos and videos with gestures

The drone can also be controlled using gestures. There are two different gestures for this.

If we show the peace sign on the camera at a distance of 2 m from the drone, the photo will be taken. Then it takes 3 seconds, after which the photo is taken. So we have enough time to be in the spotlight.

Holding the camera with the palm of your hand will record video or stop recording. Both gestures are really well recognized by the drone and it’s a lot of fun to use these features in practice.

Waypoint under microscope mode

In the app, we can switch to waypoint mode. Here it should be possible to draw waypoints on the map, which the SG906 then flies off.

Unfortunately, we were unable to use this feature. When we switch to waypoint mode, no map is displayed in the app. That is why, unfortunately, we cannot provide additional information.

Lap mode testing

We can use these flight modes when the drone needs to circle an object or ourselves. We can set whether the drone will rotate around us clockwise or in the opposite direction.

First, we have to place the drone exactly over the corresponding object. Then we download the GPS data and the drone flies about 3 meters. from the object and then returns to us or to the corresponding object.

Now we can let the drone circle around us. To do this, we just need to use the appropriate joysticks on the remote. The drone then flies around us in a smooth circle.

In general, this flight mode works well, but does not meet the needs of professional pilots and videographers.

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Pros and cons

To make it even easier for you to make a purchase decision, we have collected the most important advantages and disadvantages for you.


  • Easy to use and therefore especially suitable for beginners
  • Fast, agile and stable drone
  • Extra powerful battery with a capacity of about 2800 mAh (Li-Po technology)
  • Compact size and foldable design
  • Long flight time up to 21 minutes per battery charge
  • Particularly long remote control distance up to 500 meters
  • Lots of great flight modes such as GPS tracking and FPV function
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for stable live image transmission from camera to smartphone
  • 4K camera with about 120 degree wide-angle lens
  • 6-axis gyro system for particularly stable flight
  • The safe frequency band of the remote control is 2.4 GHz.
  • Very good value for money


  • 4K resolution only applies to photos – unfortunately 4K video is not possible (Full HD)

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Beginning pilots without a lot of flight experience and lovers of bargains are recommended to use the SG 906 Beast drone. What’s on offer here is truly amazing at this price. The controls are child’s play, on the remote control, but everything is beautifully organized in the application.

Of course, this drone cannot be compared with the top model from the DJI brand, but it is close in quality.

If you want to buy a model, you should go here to the store:

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