SG907 drone test: photo, video, range, flight time

Entertainment factor
Flight behavior
Material quality
Recording quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4/5

We reviewed again a particularly inexpensive entry-level drone that has many great features and is very suitable for beginners. You can watch the full video review of the SG907 drone here:

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Drone technical data and facts

This quadcopter is quite easy to fly, and its design closely resembles the DJI Mavic, which we also tested extensively.

The RC flight model is medium in size, with a good camera and GPS for accurate positioning. There are also some great features like the return to home function or gesture control.

The quadcopter can be controlled like any other drone, forward, backward, sideways, right and left and in both directions.

There is a button on the remote control to launch, if you press it, the drone will take off completely automatically. This button is also suitable for landing.

It is also very easy for beginners to work with this model because there are several different speed levels that can be set. In addition, you have 3 control modes including classic mode, motion detection mode and joystick mode.

Flight behavior

The remote controlled flight model can be controlled via Wi-Fi and an excellent radio remote control. Thus, the quadcopter meets the highest transmission standards. The antennas on the remote control amplify the signal and thus a much wider range can be obtained.

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Before starting for the first time, we recommend that you carefully study and read the manual.

Thanks to GPS and extensive sensors, the drone can be operated very easily. However, when flying, you will clearly feel the difference with the more expensive models. Because despite the GPS, the drone doesn’t always land in the air. Thus, the price difference with other drones becomes apparent pretty quickly. Nevertheless, the flight behavior is quite safe and sufficient for beginners to try out the model.

In addition to the built-in GPS of the SG905 5G drone, the optical positioning system ensures an optimal position in flight.

Battery and flight time

A high energy density lithium battery is supplied with the drone. Thanks to the high electrical power that the flight battery can provide, the quadcopter delivers maximum performance.

Charging takes up to 4 hours, depending on how low the battery is. The charge capacity is 1600 mAh.

Thanks to the large payload, you have a maximum flight time of up to 18 minutes. In our opinion, this is quite a lot for the price. Long-lasting and all-round flight guaranteed.


The appearance is very close to the DJI Mavic drone, but if you look closely, you will notice that this is not the original, but only a copy.

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This model can also be used as a Mavic, has a fairly similar body design and can be folded in the same way. The remote is also very similar to the original.

A very significant and large difference is observed in the camera and its suspension. The SG907 5G WiFi drone does not have a mechanical gimbal, but the camera is permanently installed.

Photo quality and camera

This drone has a built-in high definition 4K camera that can be adjusted to a 90 degree angle. However, it must be said that we were not very happy with the image quality. However, it is very good and more than adequate for its price. With 5G WLAN transmission, you can watch the beautiful scenery in real time on your smartphone. The picture is sharp enough for this.

You can also record photos for which the drone recognizes certain gestures related to the quadcopter’s camera functions. We’ve already tested several gesture-controlled drones, but their prices were in a completely different segment.You also noticed that gesture control is not fully developed and you can’t expect that from a drone under € 100.

In the app, you can follow the live image in real time. The app also has the ability to apply various filters to videos and play music in the background. It even allows you to create music videos in the app itself.


Think about antennas, you can reach a maximum range of up to 500 meters with your remote. However, this only affects the controls. Wi-Fi goes up to 300 meters.

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Pros and cons

So that we can make the buying process easier for you, we have compared the most important advantages and disadvantages of the SG907 5G WiFi drone once again.


  • Very good value for money
  • 4K camera
  • Real-time image transmission with 5G WiFi
  • Comprehensive app with versatile flight functions such as return home and point of interest function
  • Attractive and foldable design (very similar to the DJI Mavic)
  • Gesture control with which you can launch photos
  • Flow positioning system and GPS to make the drone fly much more stable
  • The camera is adjustable 90 degrees


  • Incorrect mechanical suspension system
  • Camera and image quality cannot be compared to other 4K recordings.
  • Gesture controls for photos and videos match the quality of the price range


Overall, we are pleased to recommend the SG907 5G WiFi drone. In the test, the model showed a good figure. There are much better drones out there, but the SG907 5G WiFi model is actually much better in its price range than many other drones.

The gesture control could also be a little better, but for the price, you have to say that it’s really a bonus that the drone even has such a feature.

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