Simulus Hexacopter test: range, flight time, photo and video

Entertainment factor
Flight behavior
Material quality
Recording quality
Price quality
Overall rating 3.9 / 5

Hexacopters are often offered as a model kit. However, we did find a 6-screw quadcopter that you can buy pre-assembled and that doesn’t cost that much.

This is Simulus Hexacopter GH-60.clv with live FPV image and HD camera.

Technical details

Unfortunately, this drone does not have a gimbal system and the HD camera is firmly fixed. However, it is well suited for beginners as it has good build quality and is intuitive.

It is powered by 6 motors, each of which drives a propeller. The design of the rotors is good, but not particularly outstanding, because they fly quite loudly during flight.

For this, the drone is perfectly in the air. Hexacopters are generally more stable in flight and less prone to breakage than quadcopters with a 4-screw drive.

In the event of a failure of one or even two engines (which is actually unlikely), the plane will still remain in the air, and you can land it safely.

Workmanship and material

LEDs for hexacopter

The processing of the GH-60.clv makes a very reliable impression. In addition to high quality plastic, durable aluminum spacers are installed. The landing runners are also soft.

The design feels futuristic and cool. On the other hand, it also has something of an insect.

Distributed throughout the hexacopter are 26 colorful and bright LEDs located in the front, back, top and bottom. This ensures that you can fly the drone in the dark, at dusk or even in total darkness, because the parking lights have different colors in front and back, so the direction of flight is clearly recognized.

Overall, the drone weighs 540g and measures 54 x 47 x 21 cm.This makes it quite large. Thus, in combination with 6 drives, it can also deal very well with gusts of medium to medium wind.

Camera and data storage


Compared to other drone models, the HD camera is slightly worse. It only has a resolution of just under 1 megapixel. Unfortunately, therefore, the photos are not of very high quality, but they may be enough for a hobby.

However, if you are looking for a drone with a camera that takes very good pictures, you might want to look for another model.

Due to the lack of a gimbal system, any tilt of the drone is logically recognized in the video. The camera can only be manually rotated from 0 to 120 degrees on the vertical axis.

Photo and video shooting is possible with this model, but we are not delighted with its quality. However, we do not recommend dismantling the stock camera of the Simulus drone, otherwise the FPV mode will no longer be available to you.

Images and videos are saved on the micro SD card. For this, a slot is provided on the camera module. Supplied with a 4GB Micro SD card. According to various stores, the cards are compatible with a maximum memory capacity of 32GB.

Battery, flight and charging times

The hexacopter weakens slightly in terms of nutrition. A large 7.4V 1500mAh battery is available, but 6 motors should be running instead of 4. Therefore, the charging capacity of the flight battery drains very quickly.

The average flight time is about 10 minutes. Charging takes 2.5 hours. Therefore, we recommend that you buy multiple batteries. You can then extend your flight time by making several transfers. Flight batteries are not particularly expensive.

Remote control, range and functions

Remote control

2.4 GHz remote control included. It has an FPV live image monitor on which you can view your aerial footage during flight in real time from a bird’s eye view.

LCD display

The navigation is very accurate. With the left stick, you can rotate the drone up and down, and right and left around its own vertical axis. Using the right joystick, the hexacopter can be tilted in all 4 directions: forward, backward, right and left.

Many stores list a maximum transmission range of 500 meters. But this is only partly true. In fact, this range only applies to remote control, while the FPV video transmission only extends over 300 meters. There may also be shorter range or transmission loss due to interference.

Pros and cons

This is a drone that polarizes. Many no longer want to miss Hexacopter, but other buyers are unhappy. Therefore, we would like to once again show you the most important facts to facilitate your purchasing decision.


  • The controls are very simple – the drone can be operated intuitively, so it is well suited for beginners.
  • Very cheap price – other hexacopters cost significantly more
  • Return home mode
  • Extensive LED illumination means the aircraft is clearly visible even in the dark.
  • Live FPV image transmission directly to the screen built into the remote control
  • Battery replaceable
  • Range up to 300 meters (without live image 500 meters)
  • High flight stability thanks to 6 drives instead of 4
  • Soft landing skids to protect the structure even on hard sites


  • The flight time is maximum 10 minutes with a longer charging time (2.5 hours).
  • Suspension system not installed
  • Camera only 1 megapixel

scope of delivery

The model comes almost in RTF format, i.e. Ready To Fly. You still need to twist a few pieces together and you are ready to go. Everything needed for takeoff is included in the delivery set. We recommend that you fully charge the flight battery before the first takeoff.

The kit includes the following parts:

  • 1x hexacopter with 6 drives and rotors
  • 4 extra spare rotors
  • 1x 2.4GHz remote control with live monitor
  • 1x screwdriver
  • several replaceable screws
  • 1x flight battery (1500mAh LiPo)
  • 1x charger
  • 1x camera with different connecting cables
  • 1x 4 GB microSD card
  • 1x USB card reader
  • 1x German instruction manual


Conclusion on Simulus Hexacopter

Overall, the Hexacopter is not bad for the price. It even has a return-to-home mode and long range transmission.

With a little practice, flying Simulus will become child’s play. So far we have already tested the Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter, we liked this model a little more, but this drone costs almost 4 times more than the Simulus Hexacopter.

A clear advantage of the model is its relatively low price compared to other 6-screw drones. We have never seen such a cheap hexacopter. So, despite the early problems, the sim is definitely worth the money.

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