SPC Maker K2 FPV Racing Drone Test, Photos, Videos and Flight Behavior

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In today’s report, we introduce you to the SPC Maker K2 FPV Racing racing drone.

SPC Maker recently released 2 new quadcopter models – K1 and K2.

Both models are pretty small racing drones with a Runcam Split Mini 2 camera that even records 1080P video at 60fps.

The K2 has very powerful brushless motors and a FPV Wifi camera with live image transmission.

It is very small, handy and compact. It also has a wide field of view and a sturdy frame construction.

In terms of design, it is more functional. This means it looks very technical, there are electronics here and there, and the frame is made of carbon.

As a beginner, you should gradually get used to the unusual flight characteristics of the SPC Maker K2 FPV Racing drone. If you have never flown such a model, you should seek the help of an experienced quadcopter pilot.

With a 2MP drone camera, you can start transmitting live images from the drone to your FPV goggles and control the drone in first person view.

Technical data and facts

The SPC Maker K2 FPV Racing drone has been fitted with 4 powerful brushless motors with type designation 1105KV6000 to provide the most powerful drive possible.

You can easily manually adjust the camera from 25 to 35 degrees. It makes an impression of very high quality!

In the store, you can choose different shipping combinations. For example, should the drone be sent with a FUTABA compatible receiver, Flysky receiver, or Frsky receiver.

With batteries, you have to decide for yourself what to buy. Flight batteries in sizes 2S to 4S are suitable for this model. These must be lipoaccumulators.

The operating frequency is in the range of about 5.8 GHz between 5645 and 5945 MHz.

Omnibus F4SD is used as a flight controller. It was specially designed for racing drones and is often installed due to its low cost.

Omnibus supports telemetry to the transmitter using FrSky telemetry or CRSF Crossfire telemetry.

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Compared to other FPV racing quadcopters, there isn’t really a big difference in design. Carbon is widely used in this drone, it is especially lightweight, stable and elegant.

The propellers are orange like the camera. There is plenty of room at the top for a large battery, but you can also attach it under the drone.

The SPC Maker K2 FPV Racing drone does not require an additional name and address badge, as drone license plates are only required for drones weighing 250g.

The model weighs only 91 g (excluding the flight battery) and is also quite compact in size: 105 mm x 99 mm x 25 mm.

Unfortunately, the K2 does not have an extra case or jacket to protect the electronics, so we only recommend flying outdoors in dry weather.


The high quality RunCam Split Mini 2 camera is built into the SPC Maker K2 FPV Racing drone. The cam itself has a format from 4 to 3 and from 16 to 9 (automatic adjustment). The built-in lens is easy to replace and the camera is BetaFlight / CleanFlight / iNavFlight and KISS FC compatible.

The field of view is 130 degrees and 165 degrees in the image.

A 2 MP photosensor with a resolution of 2 MP is used as a recording sensor. Based on this, different resolution formats are available to you:

  • 1080P @ 60fps
  • 1080P @ 30fps
  • 720P @ 60fps

The cam has a fairly low lag and operates over a voltage range of 5 to 17 volts. The weight of the camera module is about 15 g.

You can use micro SD cards up to 64GB as storage media, they must be Class 6 or higher. The manufacturer recommends a class 10 micro SD card.

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Battery and flight time

There is no battery pack included in the package. However, we recommend that you buy a 2S to 4S flight battery, this is the manufacturer’s recommended size.

Pros and cons


  • Ultra-fast and manoeuvrable drone thanks to powerful brushless motors
  • Unique lightweight design with small footprint
  • Compatible with various battery systems (2S to 4S)
  • Adjustable camera lens (ranging from 25 to 35 degrees)
  • Powerful Omnibus F4 flight controller
  • Very suitable for drone racing and experienced drone pilots who want to use enough power.
  • High quality camera with good viewing angle (165 degrees)


  • The kit does not include the flight battery

Who is this quadcopter suitable for?

The purchase of this drone is definitely worth it for beginners, experienced users and professionals alike. However, beginners will take some time until they are fully accustomed to flying.

If you’re looking for a drone with a camera for great vacation photography and videos, the SPC Maker K2 FPV Racing drone may be less suitable. In this case, we also recommend, for example, the DJI Mavic Pro or Parrot Bebop 2, which we have also thoroughly tested. You can also find a video of the test reports on our YouTube channel.


When it comes to flight performance, you can’t go wrong with the SPC Maker K2 FPV Racing drone. The model flies fast, can be directly controlled and has enough power for its size.

The FPV camera is also great and perfect for first-person drone control.

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