Spherical camera Ricoh THETA V 360 degrees: photo, video, battery life, functions

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Conventional cameras take photos and videos so that they are rectangular or square. But why should you limit yourself to this point of view only?

Now there are good 360-degree cameras that record everything around. The viewer can turn around with the mouse on the computer or by touching the video / photo and direct his attention wherever he wants.

A concert, a beach on vacation or hiking is captured even more vividly.

You can also upload photos and videos to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter and share them with friends and acquaintances.

A very popular camera in this field is the Ricoh THETA V 360 Degree Spherical Camera, which records video with an integrated 3D spatial audio process. We have studied this model carefully and will give you a little feedback on it in this report.


In addition to the latest technology, the camera also features a high-quality design.

It looks very modern and a bit futuristic. After all, most people are not familiar with this sight. Ricoh THETA V 360 Degree Spherical Camera has 2 high resolution cameras, each with 180 degree lenses, which together create a 360 degree sphere.

The cam has various buttons on the side and front to control it. For even better 360-degree camera experience, we recommend connecting it to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Here you can view the recordings and transfer them to your device (tablet or smartphone).

There are various LEDs attached to the camera that show the status of the camera, such as whether the camera’s Wi-Fi is enabled for 360 degrees.

By swiping your finger across the screen, you can move in all directions in the recorded 360-degree sphere.

You can upload 360-degree photos and videos directly to social media platforms and share them with other people.

Image sensor, resolution and memory


In video format, the resolution is 3840 x 1920 pixels, which is 4K. But you can also set 1920 x 960 pixels to save storage space.

Photos are usually recorded with a resolution of 5,376 x 2,688 pixels.

When taking a photo, two images from the cameras are added together and the result is a complete 360-degree photo. This process takes place within the company immediately after the registration. It is not necessary to create a completely spherical image yourself, it is completely stored in the memory of the Ricoh THETA V 360-degree spherical camera.

On the contrary, the videos are completely different. Here, videos from cameras are simply saved and displayed next to each other. Merging and “composing” two videos is computationally intensive and requires post-processing.

side sockets

To do this, you need to connect the camera to your laptop, transfer two videos and use Ricoh Theta software to convert them into a full 360-degree video. Which is pretty straightforward with the software.

Additional functions and modes of the Ricoh THETA V 360-degree spherical camera

You also have the option to start streaming 4K 360 degrees live. 4K resolution and frame rates up to 30 frames per second are possible.

The camera has recently been equipped with the new Android operating system. There are now tons of plugins, features, and customization options that you can use to improve communication with other devices. This feature has already been partially implemented in Theta V, but other features are still in development.

Another interesting feature is the 360 ​​degree spatial sound mapping, also called the 3D spatial tone method. Spherical camera Ricoh THETA V 360 degrees has 4 microphones, in the best way records sound impressions and reproduces them.

This is especially interesting if you are wearing VR glasses and using this feature, because it makes the process even more detailed and realistic.

Compared to previous models, the transmission speed is also slightly higher and 3 times higher.

Pros and cons

Theta V


  • High quality photos and videos
  • Lots of cool features including 3D room tone processes
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Smooth, harmonious video playback
  • Very good sound quality


  • Video needs to be converted


If we look at the camera and the price in general, it does a pretty good job.

Much of what has been promised is still in development and the improved processor (Snapdragon) doesn’t seem to be able to convert video recordings on its own, it needs to be done afterwards and, unfortunately, cannot be done while recording. …

If post processing doesn’t bother you that much, the Ricoh THETA V 360 Degree Spherical Camera is probably made for you. You not only get a high-quality 360-degree camera with many cool features, but also rich sound quality with 3D sound effects.

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