Syma X5SW test and review

Entertainment factor
Flight behavior
Material quality
Recording quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4.2 / 5

The Syma X5SW FPV quadcopter is very similar in structure and design to the Syma X5C, but differs from the previous model in its performance and some functions.

With a smartphone and built-in HD camera, you can control the drone in real time in FPV mode. And this is at a price of about 50-60 euros, which we consider absolutely fair.

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But wait, everything will work out. If you buy Syma X5SW quadcopter, you will find the following features and benefits:

  • WIFI direct transmission
  • HD camera (1600 x 1200 pixels)
  • 2.4 GHz remote control
  • Flight time up to 7 minutes
  • Range up to 100 meters
  • Lightweight at only 181g
  • Has a screw protection (bumper)
  • Apps are available for Android and IOS operating systems
  • Stands steady in the air

Syma X5SW delivery set

When ordering Syma X5SW, the box will contain the following delivery set:

  • Quadcopter Syma X5SW
  • 2.4 GHz remote control
  • Holder for smartphone or tablet
  • USB charger
  • 4 replaceable propellers
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • User guide
  • screwdriver

We recommend that you order multiple batteries to extend your short flight time by just 7 minutes. Amazon, for example, has flight batteries that this drone can fly for up to 10 minutes.

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Flight characteristics and flight modes

Thanks to the 6-axis gyroscope that the Syma X5SW drone is equipped with, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flight and can handle gusts of wind. Plus, anyone can operate it without worrying about crashes, as headless operation is child’s play.

Basically, there are 2 different flight modes available to the pilot: normal mode, which is more suitable for experienced pilots, and headless mode. Headless Mode, which means headless mode in German, is ideal for beginners. In this mode, the Syma X5 SW drone always flies in the same way as the pilot controls it, regardless of how the front (head) of the drone is facing the pilot. If we assume that the Syma X5 SW is directed with its head in the direction of the pilot, and he pushes the left control stick away from him, then the drone does not fly towards the pilot, but moves away from him.

This way, you don’t need to rethink, because the plane always acts from the pilot’s point of view, and this, combined with the 6-axis gyroscope that balances the movements, makes flying child’s play. In our opinion, you can already start flying in extended mode after the first 2-3 charges are depleted, even if you have no experience flying as a pilot.

Another feature is the setting of 360 degree flights in 3D, circle flights and rolls that can be set. This, of course, makes the drone more attractive for the price.

Compared to the previous model Syma X5C, the X5SW is slightly more powerful and has more features. We also found the design to look a little more elegant. Wind speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour are not a particular obstacle for the drone, but it may happen that with wind gusts of 30 kilometers per hour or more, the Syma X5SW deviates from its trajectory and hangs on the obstacle. Therefore, we recommend that you fly the drone in as much open area as possible, where there are no objects. Ideal in a large field or meadow.

Since there is no wind inside, they can be easily maneuvered around the apartment and purposefully controlled.

Is Syma X5SW much better than Syma X5C?

There are a few items that have improved significantly, although there is not much difference in price.

For example, the flight range has increased from 50 meters to 100 meters. There are also some technical improvements like better electronics and a 5.8GHz WiFi network to which you can connect your smartphone or tablet. These technical innovations allow the Syma X5SW to fly in first-person view using an app that exists for both IOS and Android operating systems.

This feature was missing from the predecessor Syma X5C! With Syma X5SW, you can dramatically improve your camera flight recording as the video is broadcast in real time to the screen of your smartphone or tablet!

Both drones can be controlled with the included 2.4GHz radio remote control and the flight behavior is virtually the same. The feeling of flying a drone is hard to tell. Both are very stable in the air, automatically hold their position and are very easy to operate. For those new to the field, the Syma X5SW’s first-person view is especially interesting!

What we don’t like about Syma X5SW drone!

As with the previous model, we are concerned about short flight times and long loading times.

But you can buy multiple battery packs easily, they are quite cheap. It is only important to land on time as soon as the battery is discharged!

I also didn’t like the range of 100 meters. After all, flying fun really starts in the first person. However, in the United States, there are laws according to which the drone can only fly within line of sight. The drone can still be seen at about 200 meters, but that’s about it. A range of 100 meters is also quite normal and is suitable for this price.

The model is slightly more expensive than its predecessor, the X5C, but this is a high level claim because, as already explained, the X5SW has new features that significantly improve the quality of flight. The price difference is around € 20-25, depending on which store you buy from. At Amazon, we found the Syma X5SW at a very affordable price.


Like its predecessor, the Syma X5C, the Syma X5SW is an excellent remote controlled flying object with an incredibly good value for money. The quality and workmanship convinced us, although the drone is so cheap. In our opinion, the X5SW could have been offered for over 100 euros.

Thanks to its headless flight mode, it is ideal for beginners to slowly get used to flying the quadcopter. Buyers continue to report their enthusiasm for this drone. We also have very clear buying advice for this drone! Good luck with Syma X5SW :-).

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