T-Motor TM-2419 + drone test, photo, video, flight time and range

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Overall rating 3.9 / 5

At first glance, the T-Motor TM-2419 + looks a hell of a lot like a Diatone drone. The design of the two drones is very similar and both belong to the Micro FPV Racing drone group.

The high quality brushless motors are incredibly propelled by the quadcopter so you can start agile and particularly daring flights.

As usual with FPV racing drones, the design looks pretty simple and very technical. There is no additional hood.

If you’ve never flown an FPV racing drone before, we recommend that you sit gently in it and let an experienced pilot introduce you to the art of flying.

Thanks to its rugged and compact design, the drone is forgiving of any collision with other objects or accidents. It is also very suitable for training, but we recommend flying over a lawn or other soft surface.

All other important details about the Diatone T-Motor TM-2419 + drone can now be found here in the report.

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Technical data and facts

The carbon frame has a protective visor and measures 95 mm.

Mamba F405 Mini MPU 6000 OSD is used as a flight controller. This flight control largely meets high quality standards and is used in many quadcopter models.

There are 4 motors of the F15-6000kV type with a brushless drive. This enables extremely high rotor blade speeds, which means the drone can be controlled even better by direct commands and can reach higher speeds.

The storage of electric motors is very stable and safe, which significantly increases flight performance and quality. Better storage is also directly related to longer shelf life. In our opinion, electric drives could be slightly larger, but they work well and have more than adequate motor design.

Appearance and design of T-Motor TM-2419 + drone Diatone

This FPV racing drone is really very small, compact and user-friendly in its design. Here you will get a really great quadcopter that also meets the high demands of racing.

Unfortunately, you cannot fold the T-Motor TM-2419 + of the Diatone drone. In any case, this feature is quite unusual for racing drones.

The quadcopter has a small gray housing that does not adequately protect electronic components from water or dust. Therefore, we recommend flying this model only outdoors in good weather conditions, otherwise be content with working indoors.

The small antenna looks at the top, while the 2-pin battery cable is at the back. We recommend attaching the flight battery below to ensure a lower center of gravity and the associated better flight position.

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For this drone, the Runcam TX200 25 is used, which is particularly small in size and is quite often used with small FPV racing drones.

The camera has good resolution and is mounted at the top in front of the drone.

Both the images and videos are impressive and have high quality recordings suitable for drone racing.

However, if you are looking for a flying model that you want to take great pictures with on vacation or other events, then an FPV racing drone might not be the right choice. In this case, we recommend a larger drone model such as the DJI Mavic Pro or Parrot drone.

Battery and flight time

Unfortunately, there is no extra battery included, so you have to buy it separately and we cannot tell you exactly how long the flight takes. Flight times will be shorter or longer depending on the size of this flight battery.

Typically this time is 4 to 15 minutes, depending on the flight battery used.

Does the Runcam TX200 25 fit everyone?

If you have little flying experience, we recommend using an entry-level drone such as the Hubsan, Parrot Bebop 2 or Airborne Night, as these models are also very inexpensive but have extensive stabilization systems.

This FPV racing drone is more suitable for experienced pilots.

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Pros and cons of the T-Motor TM-2419 + Diatone drone


  • Fast forward control and aggressive flight behavior
  • Very compact design
  • Especially powerful electric motors – brushless
  • Attractive design
  • Extremely favorable price / performance ratio
  • FPV camera with live video transmission


  • The package does not include battery and remote control – these two parts need to be bought separately


The T-Motor TM-2419 + drone is very elegant and can be used in many different ways. It is ideally used as an FPV racing model for drone racing.

In our opinion, the purchase is definitely worth it, and you will also save something, because the price for this service is in a good ratio. However, there is no battery or transmitter included, so one point is deducted here, otherwise everything is fine in this model. We have a clear purchase recommendation!

When it comes to drone racing, you can keep up with the competition with this model if you have good enough flying skills. The quadcopter can be operated quickly and directly, it responds immediately to control commands and has a high production potential. So here you should definitely get access to it.

The camera’s recordings and FPV imaging are also impressive and certainly give a pretty good image. You should definitely check all the settings in advance and check the live image transmission before you start using the drone.

We also advise you to talk to an experienced drone pilot who has a little more experience with FPV racing drones.

So that you can quickly and easily access it, we linked the model below.

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