T2M Spirit Max in a practical test: flight characteristics, range, photo and video quality

Entertainment factor
Flight behavior
Material quality
Recording quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4.5 / 5

The Spyrit Max is a slightly older drone from the European manufacturer T2M. With a total weight of around 580g, this is the T2M’s big brother Spyrit, which only weighs around 100g.

data sheet

– Span width: 60 x 60 x 17 cm

-Weight: 580g

-Flying time: 7-8min.

-Battery: 2000mAh

– Charging time: about 180 min.

-Working frequency: 2.4GHz

-Wi-Fi range: 30m

-Camera: 720 x 480 pixels video

Battery power and flight time

The flight time is about 8 minutes. and charging time 180 min. the quadcopter is in the middle in this price segment. When testing other drones in this price segment, we were able to achieve similar results.

Practically, the battery can be charged using a regular USB cable, so the drone stays ready for use even when you’re in the car.

Remote control and handling

The Spyrit Max remote control is very simple and has a relatively small number of buttons.

The smartphone can be attached to the top of the remote control to be able to follow its flight in real time via the free app.

The remote control requires 4 AA batteries to operate. In the lower third, there is a small display showing the current gear of the aircraft, which is very convenient for beginners to better understand the control and flight characteristics of the aircraft.

Drone camera

The built-in camera is removable and shoots 720 x 480 pixel film, making it difficult for beautiful landscape shots, but always enough to keep track of the flight on a smartphone.

In order to be able to do some recordings, Spyrit Max offers the option to save videos to the included mini SD card. Gimbal for stabilizing recording

Design and build quality

The design is somewhat reminiscent of the DJI Phantom series, so it is simple, with crisp curves, no frills or edges. As for the color, it is kept in white with red accents.

At the bottom there is a compact spindle-shaped micro-chamber and 4 stable supports. The supplied rotor guard is easy to install and provides a stable impression.

Overall, the drone looks good and above all is very durable. The sturdy fuselage is made of durable yet lightweight ABS plastic, as are the landing gear legs and rotor guard.

In our test, the drone even withstood a small drop from about 2m without any major scratches. In addition, green and red LEDs indicate the direction of the drone’s flight during flight.

Drone flight behavior in the air

To be honest, the first takeoff was relatively difficult for us, as the transition to a drone without gear shift sensors, altitude hold and complex stabilization programs was very unusual for our team.

But that’s exactly what inspires us about the drone. He flawlessly responds to any control commands and easily copes with everything.

Even without a camera, the drone is very maneuverable, despite its rather heavy weight.

With a little practice, you should be able to do some simple tricks without any problems, or simply use the trick button on the remote and the drone will perform a roll or loop.

But the drone can also fly very well in normal flight as, due to its heavy weight, it is very stable in the air after installation, even in moderate winds.

Thanks to the headless mode, which means that the drone is almost always pointed in the direction of view, it is also possible to keep the drone under control at some distance without a camera and not go astray.

Brief review

Recommended for novice pilots. It’s great for learning to fly and having fun with it.

Thanks to its robust design, it can withstand one or two minor collisions, and its maneuverability in the air is a requirement, making it very interesting to learn. Currently, the drone can be purchased cheaply on Amazon.

An entry-level drone can only be used to a limited extent for serious films, it just isn’t enough for this price segment.

But especially when the flight is going well and it is possible to mount the supplied camera and take the first pictures, we find this a great introduction to the drone scene.

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If the drone needs to have a stabilizer and great flight modes, then the DJI Spark might be interesting as well.

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