TecTecTec WiFi Action Camera Test Report: Photo & Video Quality, Battery Life & Workmanship

Photo quality
Video quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4.5 / 5

The TecTecTec WiFi Action Camera is a relatively new offering in a portfolio of reliable and robust tools that have primarily been designed and manufactured for use by outdoor professionals and extreme athletes, sometimes in the most challenging conditions and circumstances.

Action camera front

Our TecTecTec WiFi Action Camera is a tool and device with impressive technology. There is a Full HD XPRO1 mini camera with a so-called motion detector.

Camera device

As already mentioned, the optics of the device is a Full HD XPRO1 mini camera with a motion sensor. These optics are not only of high quality, they also allow the user to record slow motion images and generate them in a correspondingly high quality home theater, for example, outdoors or during various extreme sports.

Another clear advantage of the TecTecTec WiFi action camera is the fact that the device is fully compatible with the DVR. In practice, this means for the respective user of this advanced technology the full compatibility of the camera with a wide variety of applications, for example also for smartphones and tablets based on iOS or Android.

In particular, however, the video quality of this device is capable of surprising users over and over again. Ultimately, this leads to the fact that this extremely technological device can enjoy the highest rating and, accordingly, great demand not only from amateur photographers and amateur filmmakers, but also from semi-professional users, as well as proven professionals.

The TecTecTec WiFi Action Camera is undoubtedly capable of producing clearly professional videos, which can then be used and fully exploited in a wide variety of areas of modern multimedia applications.

To this end, the modern and innovative TecTecTec WiFi Action Cam provides the interested user with a range of extremely interesting features and options, namely 4k24fps, 2k30fp, 1080P at 30fps and 720P at 60fps.

Still images and photography

Another very important application and criterion of use for every modern action camera, as it is ultimately also represented today by the TecTecTec WiFi Action Cam presented here, not least properties and possible applications in relation to still photography.

Even in this complex discipline and area, our device does not need to hide! The photographic properties and qualities of this device are considered by experts to be astounding and surpass the competition with its motion sensor and the ability to create photos and still images in 16 MP mode.

The built-in ultra-wide angle lens with a viewing angle of up to 170 degrees provides appropriate correction of the created image or video material. Thanks to the XPRO1’s ultra-wide field of view, so-called frame recording is also easily possible with this device, and even professional users are surprised and delighted again and again.

Additional specifications

However, the TecTeTec WiFi Action Cam has much more to offer its users than previously shown.

The resolution achieves the aforementioned professional quality, and the resulting images meet a standard that can be generally described as excellent. Video sequences are described by users as extremely smooth overall.

Photo shooting allows you to record in a sequence of only 2 seconds each and, if necessary, can even be increased to the so-called triple burst mode.A correspondingly high usability, especially for high demands outdoors and in extreme sports, is provided by a number of technical solutions and requirements from the device in a very good sense.

This not only includes the fact that the manufacturer explicitly stated that the case is waterproof. A user experience report during the dive indicated that the hull remained dry up to approximately 18 meters. More water penetrated deeper. Therefore, care should be taken to refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for a possible immersion depth of 30 m.

It also withstands bumps and falls to a certain extent, which is common in everyday use and handling outdoors and in extreme sports conditions.

Manufacturers have also provided adequate dust protection for the demanding interior of the device and all built-in technologies. The entire device is water resistant, believe it or not, to a depth of 30 meters according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

This amazing compressive strength allows the TecTecTec WiFi Action Cam to be used by professional underwater photographers, underwater filmmakers and of course underwater archaeologists, divers and treasure hunters.

Ease of use and usability

Of course, with such a professional device, which lends itself to a particularly wide range of different applications and uses, the ease of use and the high usability required should by no means be neglected. The device always optimally meets these requirements for use in a completely playful manner.

The cam is lightweight, considered ultra compact, and is always a pleasure to use, even in the most challenging and extreme environmental conditions. This is facilitated by a range of professional mounts and mounting systems that may be included as standard with the product.

Image stabilization systems such as a high quality and generally quite professional recording system as well as a glass lens and an integrated chipset contribute accordingly. It is also possible to save images in RAW format so that you can get the most out of the images later.

Delivery scope

Ultimately, the overall scope of delivery of the device is impressive.

Actioncam TecTecTec package contents

Standard accessories supplied with the device to customers around the world include:

  • 1 waterproof case,
  • 1 holder case,
  • 1 body bracket,
  • 1 complete bike,
  • 1 multifunctional assembly device,
  • 1 camera bracket, 1 helmet mount,
  • 3 bandages,
  • 1 cleaning cloth,
  • only 2 sticks 3M,
  • USB cable,
  • 1 stand adapter and finally 1 instruction manual.


Without a doubt, the modern and innovative TecTecTec WiFi Action Cam is one of the true high-end devices that you can buy from local electronics stores or, conversely, from well-known online stores on the Internet.

Tec Action Camera Recommendations Tec Tec

With the technology built into the device and the impressive high quality of still images and video that can ultimately be achieved, it not only meets the requirements and ideas of purely hobby users and users, but is also well suited to be used by true professionals.

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