TobyRich SmartPlane Pro in practice test: flight behavior, control and delivery environment in test

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.6 / 5

We looked for a small plane again and came across Smartplane Pro. It is a smartphone controlled stunt plane that contains many pre-programmed stunts such as hover, loops and many other stunts.

In the next drone test report, we briefly introduce the small aerial drone and explain what to look out for.

Before buying, you need to decide whether it will be the classic Smartplane Pro or Smartplane Pro FPV. In the FPV variant, virtual reality glasses are of course available.

Since the classic Pro version does not have a camera mounted in a stunt plane, you cannot just buy FPV goggles and connect them to the drone. For the price, the two devices differ in that the FPV variant costs almost twice as much. This aircraft belongs to the entry-level drone category.

Scope of delivery and quality

A small plane is packed in a large box. This includes, among others, Smartplane Pro, smartphone test attachment, 2 interchangeable propellers, various tools for changing propellers, battery, instructions, USB adapter for charging the battery.

As far as the battery is concerned, it can be said to have only 185mAh, but here you have a flight model that generates lift during the flight of the glider and does not take off due to a straight propeller like a drone. Thus, according to the manufacturer, the flight time of the Smartplane Pro is 12 minutes. Since the charge level is so low, the battery only needs to be charged for about 20 minutes via the USB port on the laptop. To do this, you need the included USB adapter, which is equipped with corresponding LEDs to inform you of the state of charge.

It is also advantageous that you can take several batteries with you on the flight. So in theory, with a few stops along the way, an infinitely long flight could be achieved while hanging other batteries on a laptop or other power source.

The propeller tool looks a little unusual, but it can be used to easily replace the propeller. One is already assembled and 2 more are included as propeller replacements.

The wings of the plane are made of expanded polystyrene, which initially alerted us a little, because they could break in a crash. However, a very durable material was used here. The manufacturer claims that this is not ordinary polystyrene foam, but its own design, which must withstand heavy drops.

So, if you don’t dive at high speed, and behave normally with the flying model, you will not break your wings. Moreover, Smartplane Pro weighs only 38 g and it has a wingspan of 30 cm.

Flight behavior and control

Management always takes place via a smartphone. You can use the supplied joystick. It can be placed on the display and can be operated comfortably with your right thumb.

In the app you can take the Learn to Fly training course before your first flight, in which we also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic flight characteristics. It explains with detailed videos how to start and operate Smartplane Pro.

In addition, in the application you can see the level of the aircraft’s charge and the quality of the connection. You can use the Start touch field to start the engine and adjust the speed by moving your thumb up or down the screen. The display always appears showing the percentage of the maximum speed.

By tilting your smartphone and using the supplied attachment, you can control the aircraft in terms of its position and position. The joystick attachment can be used in “control mode”, otherwise it can be operated as usual using the smartphone, its touch field and position sensor. In control mode, the touch field for starting and controlling the speed is on the left, the field on the right where you have to turn on the joystick and then control the aircraft.

Smartplane Pro flies pretty fast and you climb pretty quickly. Make sure the radio range is about 100 m, but the plane is still difficult to see at that distance.

Also, do not underestimate the fact that the plane sinks very quickly when moving down, which can lead to accidents. But if you fall in a meadow, Smartplane Pro doesn’t mind at all.

Flying is definitely a lot of fun because it is agile and agile in the air, and at the same time very easy to control. Over time, you will also get a feel for a smart plane and it will be easier and easier for you to experience risky maneuvers and excellent flight formations.

If you tilt the nose sharply up at full throttle at 100% thrust and then turn too much, it may happen that the plane descends and falls very quickly. Here, too, you can quickly find the right balance while flying.

If you shake the smartphone, the maximum speed gain is achieved. It is also possible to select a specific trick in the application and then perform it. The classic buttonhole is probably the most spectacular. The following flight modes are also available: hover mode, helicopter mode, cobra, and more.

Conclusion on the entry-level drone

All in all, you will get a very good aircraft here, reliable, maneuverable, fast and, above all, a lot of fun!

In total, the manufacturer offers 3 different basic packages. On the one hand, the Smartplane Pro package without goggles, then the Smartphone-Pro FPV package with FPV kit, and the Smartphone-Pro FPV + package with FPV goggles, recording function and improved signal reception via antenna diversity. The plus package is about 50 euros more expensive than a regular FPV package, and a plane without goggles costs half as much as with.

It’s doubtful if the double price is justified, because the same FPV goggles are also available individually for less than € 50, but cannot be used with a regular Smartplane Pro since no camera was installed for them. Only the Smartplane Pro FPV and Plus version have a camera, which, combined with the higher transmission costs, can justify the double price tag.

We recommend that you consider carefully whether you really want to use FPV mode or just fly through the air and perform wild stunts.

Our conclusion on the Smartplane Pro is very positive and we think the quality is very high for this small aircraft and definitely worth buying. Of course, this is not a professional plane, this is worth considering, but rather a toy, but adults are also given fun here.

Stylish aircraft can now be purchased inexpensively on Amazon.