URUAV UR65 Racing Drone Test, FPV Videos and Flight Behavior

In today’s report, we’ll introduce you to a pretty small quadcopter that’s great for indoor flying.

It has an extremely small size and weight without a battery – about 20.5 g. With a battery about 27 g. Unfortunately, the drone is generally not recommended for flying outdoors. Within your own four walls, you can have fun with the URUAV UR65.

What we particularly liked about this model is that the URUAV UR65, despite being so small, has an FPV unit and can transmit live images from the drone to any device of your choice.

Technical data and facts about URUAV UR65

Betaflight_3.3.0_Crazybee is used as firmware and MPU-6000 (SPI connection) is used as sensor.

There is also beta support and multiplayer mode. With the powerful brushless motor, you can elegantly assert yourself in quadcopter races against other drones! Such races should only be conducted in the absolute absence of wind or in a protected location.

Quadcopter control commands are accepted without delay. Absolute beginners may take some getting used to the operation. But after a while you will get comfortable and be able to handle the URUAV UR65 without any problems.

The drone flies very steadily in the air, has strong acceleration, and if you suddenly take your foot off the accelerator, the model will brake so hard that it will stop as quickly as possible.

If you are flying over the edge of a table with a URUAV UR65 and there is a significant difference in altitude, then it is possible that the drone will slightly change altitude until the altitude sensor is calibrated.

However, as a rule, the drone flies extremely stable. However, due to its small size, it can also handle a particular accident.


Design takes a little getting used to, admittedly, but some of you definitely won’t find anything wrong with it.

Unlike other camera models, the camera is located above the model and the propellers work at the bottom. They are driven by 4 brushless motors.

What worried us a little about the structure of the URUAV UR65 is that the electronics inside are not sufficiently protected from external influences such as water or dirt. Therefore, use in bad weather and rain is not recommended.

The choice of colors is pretty boring too. The color “white” is not particularly impressive, but it is also a matter of taste.

A bumper or propeller guard is provided around the rotors to protect the propellers from collision.

Camera and FPV – Is Camera Really Enough?

The built-in camera has an adjustable angle of view, according to which you can change the drone’s field of view.

Installed camera 700TVL with a field of view of about 120 degrees.

It operates at 5.8 GHz on 48 channels. The power supply is about 300mA.

Battery, flight time and range

The battery has a capacity of 250 mAh and operates at around 3.8 volts. The flight battery measures 60mm x 18mm x 7mm and weighs about 6.5g. PH2.0 is used here as a connector. How long you can fly your quadcopter depends a lot on your flight behavior and how much the battery is charged.

As for the range, we are here at a maximum of 300 meters. Unfortunately, the remote control does not have more transmission power.

Who is the URUAV UR65 mini drone suitable for?

In our opinion, the drone is well suited for both beginners and advanced users. Racing pilots can get used to a little more quality, but that’s enough for a start.

Pros and cons


  • Beginner-friendly design with rotor guard
  • Fast, agile and agile
  • Reliable radio communication and control
  • Low Latency Real-Time FPV Camera
  • Ideal for small indoor races


  • Unfortunately, the case is not splash-proof.

scope of delivery

This model, like other quadcopters, partly has different delivery volumes.

In URUAV AR65, a distinction is made between basic and standard versions.

The package consists of the following parts:

Basic version:

  • 1x 65mm brushless frame
  • 1x Crazybee F3 FC (Frsky and Flysky variant)
  • 1x 5A 4in1 ESC
  • 4x SE0603 KV17000 motor
  • 1x 31mm propeller (4cc)
  • 1x AIO camera and VTX
  • 1x 3.8V 250mAh 30C / 60C battery
  • 1x USB Lipo / LIHV charger
  • 1x propeller disassembly tool
  • 1x screwdriver

Standard version:

  • 1x 65mm brushless frame
  • 1x Crazybee F3 FC (Frsky and Flysky variant)
  • 1x 5A 4in1 ESC
  • 4x SE0603 KV17000 motor
  • 1x 31mm propeller (4cc)
  • 1x AIO camera and VTX
  • 3 batteries 3.8V 250mAh 30C / 60C
  • 1x 1S06 6-Position Lipo / LIHV Charger
  • 1x propeller disassembly tool
  • 1x screwdriver


All in all, you get a very cheap drone with FPV functionality for very little money. The downside is that you don’t have to fly the model in rainy or windy weather because the drone can’t handle it.

Compared to other models, the URUAV UR65 does a pretty good job.

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