VISUO XS816HW in a practical test: range, battery life, photo and video quality

Entertainment factor
Flight behavior
Material quality
Recording quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4.1 / 5

Visuo’s XS816HW is a relatively inexpensive drone that should fill the gap between toys and hobby pilots. Above all, it stands out for its large delivery volume and excellent workmanship.

You can watch our video review here:

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Battery power and flight time

In our tests, the quadcopter showed an average flight time of 7-10 minutes, which is a lot for a drone of this price.

In addition, the scope of delivery includes 3 rechargeable batteries, the charging time of which is approximately 45 minutes. they are quickly ready to use again.

This is surprisingly good value for money.

Remote control and handling

The supplied remote control is simple and straightforward and fits comfortably in your hand.

Thanks to the headless mode, the drone can be operated without a live image.

With the included mobile phone holder, you can also attach your smartphone to the remote control to follow your flight in real time.

However, there are two small drawbacks, the remote requires 3 AA batteries, which can cost a lot of money over time, such as blind flying. it is very difficult behind the house, since the transmission of the image was interrupted from time to time, as soon as there were objects between the drone and the smartphone.

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Camera performance: photo and video quality

The XS809HW is equipped with a camera that can be used not only to transmit live images, but also to record videos and photos.

They can be saved directly to the drone via SD card and transferred to PC after flight.

The camera shoots at 720p, which is HDReady quality, and takes photos at 2MP. During filming and photography, the rotor blades can be seen at the top right and left (marked in red in the image).

It’s not necessarily groundbreaking, but it’s more than enough for this price segment.

The 120 ° fisheye lens makes it easy to capture the images you want and track your flight area.

Design and quality of materials

The first impression when opening the package is very good. Visuo showcases a clear design with his drone.

It is black with gold lettering. The rotor blades fold down for easy transport as the drone fits in virtually every pocket. When folded, it is even slightly smaller than the DJI Mavic Air.

The hinges fit neatly into place and don’t wobble. The drone only allows you to draw conclusions about the low price when it comes to tactile sensations, the plastic of the case deforms relatively quickly under pressure, and in general the drone is very light.

However, everything seems to be very stable and everything stays exactly where it should be in our test.

Although it sometimes feels wobbly in flight, the drone is well made with no protruding edges or screws, neatly glued and well built. The scope of delivery also includes 4 replaceable rotor blades and rotor guards.

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Flight characteristics and functions

With features such as altitude hold (hover), headless mode, one-button return and one-button takeoff, the drone is ideal for beginners.

Despite its light weight, the drone keeps well in the air thanks to the 6-axis stabilization program.

But miracles are not worth waiting for, especially in strong winds, 100g quickly blows away.

When there is no wind, the small quadcopter’s strengths are obvious, super-steerable and good speed.

It can be very carefully controlled, and thus, it easily makes its way through this or that top of a tree or this or that bridge.

Thanks to the headless control function, the drone can be easily operated without a smartphone.

In headless mode, the drone can almost always be controlled as if the front of the drone was facing the direction of view, which is a great advantage for long flights.

With a range of up to 100m, beautiful landscape photos can be taken. One key return function, where the drone automatically returns to the starting point by pressing a button, also works well; we only needed to identify a slight deviation in the test, probably due to the lack of a GPS module.

Push-button launch works flawlessly, but pay attention to a flat surface or the drone will stumble a bit.

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Final conclusion

With a helicopter, it is difficult to separate toys and drones. The price clearly speaks in favor of the toys, but after our tests we made a clear decision: this is a great drone for beginners who are not so well versed in flying and do not want to lose 300 euros or more in the next river due to flight errors.

It offers the perfect introduction to the world of air and also provides eye-catching images. The quadcopter is currently very cheap to buy at Banggood *.

But honestly, we are not focusing on images with this drone. If you are going to shoot for a National Geographic project, you should invest a little more and above all be able to fly very well.

Our tests focused on airborne behavior and that really convinced us.

Flying a drone is just fun and a great introductory course for beginners to get used to the behavior and control of the drone.

P.S.: Video will follow, currently being edited 🙂