VUZE 3D 360 Degree 4K VR Camera Test: Photos, Videos, Features

Photo quality
Video quality
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Overall rating 3.9 / 5

4K VR cameras are becoming more popular and more popular every year. Also, more and more models and different designs appear.

A special model of the camera is the VUZE 3D 360-degree 4K VR camera, it has a decisive advantage over other cameras, which it records with 8 independently working cameras. They are built around the model.

Each of these individual cameras captures excellent Full HD images, which are then combined into 4K 360-degree video.

The price for this model is a bit high, but you get a VR camera with a unique camera design.



With 8 separate cameras, the overall 360-degree VR image as a whole has a significantly higher quality than other VR cameras.

Design and appearance

In terms of appearance, the camera looks very unusual, due to 8 separate cameras, the VR Cam has a square design.

In addition, it has 4 sound recording sensors, that is, microphones, and this is not at all that bad. Even a light breeze does not cause unpleasant noise. However, the soundtracks sound a bit metallic, but that’s okay for action cameras and VR camcorders, the sound is decent compared to other models.

The model weighs only 499 grams and has the following dimensions: 25 x 20 x 7 cm.

The controls and controls are very simple and intuitive. However, we strongly recommend that you read the operating instructions in advance.

Pros and cons


  • Ease of use – the program is quite easy to use
  • An even more realistic VR (3D effect) experience for the viewer with 8 single-image cameras
  • The Vuze camera can be controlled via Wi-Fi from a smartphone, but the app is not fully developed yet.
  • Very good picture quality
  • The company continues to work on the model – at some point it will become ideally mature.


  • Increased susceptibility to stitching errors – possible distortion
  • Unfortunately, the app for this 360-degree camera is still in beta testing.
  • High price


360 degree camera

It is theoretically possible that the camera causes more stitching errors because the model has 8 separate cameras and therefore more individual images have to be offset relative to each other, and theoretically a higher error rate is possible compared to other models, but in practice the recordings are quite normal. … Here everyone has to decide for themselves whether to buy a classic VR camera with 2 wide-angle lenses or a VR camera with 8 separate cameras. Many users report that the model is not fully developed yet.

The manufacturer did manage to develop a cool 360-degree camera with a stereotypical 3D effect, and we really respect that. 8 lenses provide significantly greater depth, and the virtual reality experience is even more realistic.

Overall, this system also has many advantages, even though theoretically there could be more overlap errors.

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