Walkera 15004550 Aibao test: flight range, flight time, flight characteristics, photos and videos

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Those of you who have already heard about “mixed reality” will be amazed by the drone we present in this report.

This is Walkera 15004550 Aibao quadcopter. The model has many different functions. Among other things, “augmented reality” can be enjoyed in FPV mode. So reality is expanding virtually.

In this mode, you can manage virtual objects and routes, as well as interact with them. It can be used with a common mobile device such as a smartphone / tablet, or experience the whole story even more realistically with FPV goggles.

The drone’s flight characteristics are also very good. Walkera Aibao delivers pretty high quality recordings thanks to its 16MP camera and 4K resolution. The image is not mechanically stabilized through the gimbal, it is done in software.

Other technical characteristics

Walkera is known for its wide selection of remote controlled aircraft. The manufacturer brings more and more different drone models to the market, especially in the field of FPV racing drones, they are very popular and well known.


And this is exactly what is reflected in the Walkera Aibao drone. In terms of workmanship, the model is somewhat reminiscent of drones from DJI (the market leader), only the appearance differs.

Overall, however, the design of the quadcopter is quite good, the Aibao looks very modern and does not make a bad impression. Has a streamlined design.

Walkera aircraft weighs 570g without battery. It is more related to mid-sized models, but cannot be attributed to the sphere of mini-drones. It has the following dimensions: 230 x 230 x 151 mm. Aibao has a cross section of about 280 mm.

Landing curves also resemble DJI models, especially the DJI Phantom series.


Walkera Aibao’s camera is really cool. Quality matters here because the 4K camera delivers exceptionally high-quality videos at 25 frames per second, and thanks to the 16-megapixel image sensor, the images are incredibly clear.

There is also an FPV function. The drone pilot can control the model in first person view. Images are delivered in real time or near real time to the remote control and the terminal device connected to it. Live recordings can be viewed there in HD quality.

The maximum transmission range of the live image is 1500 meters. Compared to other models, these are huge dimensions, especially considering the price of the drone.

Walkera Aibao test photo

The integrated gimbal software system works in such a way that a rectangular image is calculated inside the fisheye lens and played back live or recorded on a medium. We already have good experience with the Parrot Bebop 2 with software gimbal.

Battery and flight time

A 5200 mAh battery is installed, which is inserted into the drone. This supplies the electric motors with electricity and provides a maximum flight time of about 18 minutes. This is 2S LiPo.

Charging time approx. 120 minutes, charger included.

Remote control and range

The remote operates at 2.4GHz and has a 2S LiPo 3000mAh battery. Typically, the remote control battery can withstand several charging cycles of the flight battery.

When flying with a drone, the maximum transmission range is about 1.5 km, but remember that you are only allowed to fly within the USA as far as you can see the drone under the prevailing conditions!

A bracket is attached on top, on which smartphones and tablets can be attached and connected to the remote control. Transferring images to a smartphone or tablet is via WLAN.

Automatic takeoff and landing as well as return to home can be triggered using buttons on the remote control.

Movement, control and flight behavior

Walkera has a lot of experience and thanks to the latest advanced manufacturing technology, Walkera Aibao electric drive systems have higher performance and greatly improved efficiency. The screw design also plays an important role here.

The rotor blades should be neither too large nor too small and should have a certain ergonomics, which was taken into account by the manufacturer.

Thanks to its sophisticated sensor technology, this model can also be operated very easily. Even beginners should have no problem keeping the quadcopter in the air.

Flight modes

Despite its low price, the Walkera model has many flight modes.

These include orbit, dual GPS, waypoints, position hold, and augmented reality. Let us dwell briefly on individual flight modes.


In this flight mode, the drone rotates around a specific location. You can set your individual radius in the app and then go into orbit. The big advantage of the orbit mode is that the recordings made look especially professional, since a person is unlikely to be able to fly a drone in a perfect circle like an autopilot.


Here you can set which waypoints the drone should fly on the map displayed on your smartphone or tablet. Walkera Aibao is based on previously determined GPS coordinates.

Dual GPS:

This model uses GPS and GLONASS protocols. This enables location data to be exchanged with even greater accuracy. The quadcopter is even safer in the air and the flight modes work more reliably.

Holding position:

This means the drone will automatically hover and hold this position. This condition usually occurs as soon as you release the control sticks.

Augmented reality:

The Walkera Aubao drone is one of the first quadcopters with this feature. “Augmented reality” means “augmented reality”. You can view and interact with virtual objects and advanced environment in FPV image.

There are, for example, a racing mode, a combat mode and a collection mode. So you can do a lot of things virtually, like chasing or shooting down opponents. This is still unique, and in fact, augmented virtual reality is still not that well known.

scope of delivery

The package contains everything you need to take off from the drone immediately:

  • 1x quadcopter
  • 1x 2.4GHz remote control system
  • 1x 2s LiPo 5200mAh Flight Battery
  • 1x transmitter battery
  • 1x charger
  • 1x micro USB cable
  • 2x propeller
  • various tools
  • 1x quick guide

Pros and cons


  • Unique “augmented reality” function
  • Stable construction and cool design
  • Extremely powerful and powerful electric motors
  • Long air shows (18 minutes)
  • Ready to fly – no special assembly required
  • Many flight modes including orbit modes and waypoints


  • After landing, the rotors continue to move through the Return Home.
  • From time to time there are problems with image transmission


The original price of the Aibao 15004550 quadcopter was significantly higher than it is now. You can now get a model for less than € 400, for example, here on Amazon! *

The model has everything you could want from a drone, it offers a new unique function (augmented reality) and is of high quality.

If you are interested in a quadcopter, we will give you a clear purchase recommendation.

You can buy a drone here on Amazon! *