Walkera VITUS Starlight 5.8G test + range + photo and video

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Flight behavior
Material quality
Recording quality
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Overall rating 4.4 / 5

The quadcopter model that has recently been on the market and which performs really well is Walkera VITUS Starlight 5.8G with WiFi and FPV functions.

This is a foldable drone similar to the DJI Mavic and Mavic 2 we have already tested. Since the quadcopter can be folded, it is more compact than competing models that do not have this feature. With a foldable drone, quality and functionality are maintained despite the smaller footprint.

You can easily fold the model for transport and simply unfold and take off to fly. When folded, the drone fits into any regular backpack, but unfortunately not in a regular trouser pocket.

In fact, the Walkera VITUS Starlight 5.8G is a bit like the Mavic in terms of design. However, there are quality differences here and there. Over the past few months, we have noticed that such replicas appear on the market more and more often. We do not classify Walkera VITUS Starlight 5.8G as one of these standard copies, for this it is too different from the Mavic. But they have several things in common.


Vitus Starlight

The drone comes to your home, including an infrared port, some optical sensors, and a 3-axis harness. In addition, a GPS / GLONASS positioning and navigation system is integrated, in which the drone communicates with 2 satellite systems to be able to maintain even better flight stability.

This gives you double safety. The Russian GLONASS satellite system alone requires 24 satellite systems around the world that are in orbit so that information can be transmitted over a large area of ​​the Earth. In addition, there is the usual American GPS system.

Both systems work in such a way that the receiver (in our case Walkera VITUS Starlight) can calculate and then very precisely correct its current position using the signal received from the satellites. Since it uses a dual GPS module, the flight quality and location of the aircraft are many times more accurate.

Satellite systems work almost everywhere; there are rare areas where neither GLONASS nor GPS can be received. In addition, there is an optical sensor system. This combination ensures maximum safety while flying, and we can also recommend the drone to beginners who don’t have that much experience.

Size, design and weight

The appearance of the Walkera VITUS Starlight 5.8G drone is very futuristic and gives the impression of modernity. I especially liked the case, it is quite thin and looks a bit like an insect. The folding wings are also quite thin, but stable at the same time.

Starlight is complex

The propellers are also easy to fold, and you can easily remove them in just a few steps.

In a combined version with a camera, the drone looks very powerful and even more powerful. It could also be because the harness looks rather large and powerful. However, it works very reliably.

The VITUS Starlight itself has the following dimensions: 22.90 x 27.90 x 11.30 cm in order of length, width and height. The drone weighs about 920 grams.

Camera, memory and FPV live image transmission

The centerpiece and absolute rarity is the integrated gimbal camera. But this is only available in the combo package. The camera and gimbal are not included in the normal standard version.

A special highlight is also the built-in touch system that allows you to see everything even at night. The camera is equipped with an ultra-sensitive light sensor that detects extremely weak light sources and amplifies them to create a clear image. Even with illumination below 0.001 lux.

Due to closure times, commercially available night vision cameras can often only record blurry and poorly lit videos at night due to the slow shutter speed.

However, the Walkera VITUS Starlight 5.8G drone camera is ideal for flying and recording at night thanks to the Night-Vision Starlight system.The exposure time does not need to be increased, and the closing time is greatly reduced, so that the camera can record high quality photos at night without blurry effects.

Battery, range and flight time

Vitus in flight

A 5200mAh battery is used as an energy carrier. This works at a voltage of about 11.4 V. The actual flight time depends on your flying behavior, but it is usually between 20 and 25 minutes.

The maximum transmission distance is 1 km to 2 km. But you can run into real problems in the USA if you use the maximum range. Several important laws governing drone flight apply here. For example, they can only be flown within sight!

For Walkera VITUS Starlight 5.8G drone, you will also need drone license plate.

How can you fly the Walkera VITUS Starlight 5.8G drone?

Compared to many other models available on the market, the Walkera VITUS Starlight 5.8G drone can indeed be controlled very reliably and evenly. There is always balance, even if you take your fingers off the controls, the drone will fully balance and automatically enter hover mode.

Otherwise, the Walkera VITUS Starlight 5.8G drone is quite fast and maneuverable in the air.

For what purposes can the drone be used?

The Walkera Vitus Starlight 5.8G drone is versatile enough due to its extensive features.

Thanks to the folding function, the model can be taken almost anywhere. For example, on vacation, excursions, walks on the beach or in the field. Some drones, especially at sea, have problems with wind strength. However, since the Walkera Vitus Starlight 5.8G drone is quite large and rugged, it shouldn’t be a problem in most regions, except in some really harsh wind conditions.

Also included is a Walkera Carry Bag, which can be used to pack accessories and a folded aircraft.

As explained in more detail above, the concept of night vision is quite phenomenal and this is why the Walkera Vitus Starlight 5.8G drone is sometimes used overseas as an observation aircraft at night.

Vitus Starlight has many apps that can be used at night.

These include, for example, extensive traffic monitoring, anti-terrorism monitoring, disaster monitoring, military monitoring, rescue monitoring and so on.

Traffic surveillance with a night vision camera is quite easy because the camera recognizes individual license plates very clearly and can successfully assist the police in their work to combat traffic violations.

The military is also using the new technologies of our time. Because thanks to its long-range imaging technology, the Vitus Starlight can be a good substitute for people to conduct military surveillance even in the dark.

People who want to use this drone for professional purposes should carefully study the operating instructions in advance and practice using the Vitus Starlight.

Foreign authorities sometimes use this drone for this and are quite happy with it. in the USA, nothing is known about this yet, but the Walkera Vitus Starlight 5.8G drone is not as famous and appreciated here as, for example, in America.

Scope of delivery – what’s in it?

Of course, the aircraft is “ready to fly” and ready to use without the need to install anything (other than the propeller). So the scope of delivery is very clear and everything needed to launch the drone is included:

  • 1x Walkera Vitus Starlight 5.8G drone
  • 1x Devo F8S transmitter (remote control)
  • 1x 3D gimbal
  • 1x starlight camera
  • 4x propellers
  • 1x 11.4V 5200mAh Lipo battery
  • 1x charger
  • 2x A / B pillar cushion
  • 1x 16G TF card
  • 1x user manual

Pros and cons

Starlight up close

The price is admittedly quite high, although the Vitus Starlight is also quite suitable for beginners, but in our experience, beginners will want to invest a little less mon
ey in their first drone. For advanced users who want to get something new and are planning with a budget of 800 to 1000 euros, this drone is very suitable.

With this model, you get many benefits that other drones cannot give you. We also found a few small flaws and will briefly explain the facts to you.


  • Very reliable drone with many features
  • Unique camera with Starlight Vision for clear vision even at night
  • Fairly clean working suspension system
  • The drone can be folded up and taken with you anywhere
  • Robust construction
  • Can be used in an incredibly versatile way (extensive airspace surveillance)
  • Long transmission distance (transmission distance up to 2 km)
  • Ready to fly – everything is included in the scope of delivery


  • The camera cannot record 4K video
  • The drone is little known in the USA and therefore is only available in foreign stores for now.


Last but not least, we can say that the Walkera Vitus Starlight 5.8G drone is definitely worth it for the price, but there are a few things we are missing. This is, for example, the ability to record 4K video, because all drone cameras in this price segment have it.

On the other hand, you have to say that the flight time may be slightly longer because the 20-25 minutes indicated by the manufacturer is acceptable but not issued. Suppose you have filled up a lot of gas and really want to know, then the battery will drain a little faster. But these are complaints of a high level and perhaps not entirely appropriate, we would only expect more at this price.

The price / quality ratio is good, this model has no colossal disadvantages. The night vision camera is especially inventive as we only find it on a few drone models.

Here you can order the Walkera Vitus Starlight 5.8G drone in the store! *