What to look for when working with drones

Everyone is talking about drones. Whether for personal recordings, professional photo shoots or just for fun, drones are fascinating more and more people in the USA and around the world. Reason enough to look at the legal situation in the USA and the relevant drone regulations, which is a must for anyone looking to fly a drone in the USA.

Maximum height:

Drones can fly up to 100 meters above the ground. You are only allowed to fly higher if you are at an approved aerodrome or if you have received approval from the responsible civil aviation authority. If you are in controlled airspace, the maximum lifting height is 50 meters.

On the other hand, FPV flying is generally allowed unless the drone is allowed to rise above 30 meters above the ground. In case the drone weighs more than 250 grams, you will also need another person who can monitor the drone with the naked eye and draw your attention to possible dangers during the flight.

Under these conditions, the law does not classify flight as “flying out of sight”. If these restrictions do not apply or cannot be enforced, an out-of-sight clearance application can be applied for with the National Aviation Administration. However, this permit is only issued for unmanned aircraft with a take-off weight of more than 5 kg.

Insurance liability:

As with other motorized items, when using a drone, you are obliged to take out drone insurance for use in the USA and thus be sufficiently liable for any possible damage.

Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW):

Up to a weight of more than five kilograms, you can fly your own drone without permission, subject to other rules. If you want to fly a drone that weighs more than two kilograms, you need a German drone license.

Distance to airports:

A safety distance of 1.5 km must be maintained at the external borders of airports. This is no accident. Time and again, drones cause disruptions and threaten airport security. The latter is often even associated with potential terrorist projects.

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t just buy a drone and take off with it. The United States is a land of rules and regulations that also affect drones. You should learn the rules very carefully before buying a drone to avoid any nasty surprises and any bus fees and just have fun with your drone.