WLtoys V383 drone test range, flight times and behavior

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A slightly larger quadcopter with an admittedly very unusual design is the WLtoys V383 500 Electric with variable servos and 4 propeller drives.

The model is especially suitable for performing cool tricks with it. The controls here are slightly different from those of other drones.

In particular, thanks to the powerful brushless drives, fairly high speeds can be achieved and high productivity can be demonstrated.

The quadcopter is suitable not only for professionals, but also for beginners, as it has a gyroscopic system operating in 6 axes.

In this report, we present the technical details as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the V383 drone.

V383 drone technical data and facts

The supplied remote control is a 6-channel transmitter.

The motors have a particularly high drive power. It uses the 2218 3000KV motor type. Engines run on 14.8 volts from a 50C Lipo battery.

Usually, the position and direction of flight of a quadcopter is controlled by the number of revolutions. This is not the case with the V383 drone. Servo systems are used here, which change the angle of inclination of the rotor blades in such a way that different amounts of air are displaced at the same number of revolutions.

This type of control has the particular advantage that you can suddenly change the pitch and thereby create dash.

These systems are used as a servo: 0.8 sec / 60 °, 3 kg / cm 6 V.

To be honest, we have never seen such a system before. At least with quadcopter models. Such servos are commonly used in other remote controlled aircraft such as remote controlled aircraft or helicopters.

Because servo technology is combined with the construction of the drone, the model can fly as stable as a quadcopter, but as flexible and agile as a helicopter.

Thanks to the 6-axis gyroscope system, beginners can fly very stably and calmly. As a beginner, you can gradually dare to master higher flying skills.


The design is really very effective. The special structure is clearly visible in the photographs. In the middle is the elongated cab containing all the electronic components. Front and rear levers project in a T-shape towards the rest of the body, each of which leads to a screw.

Servos are located at the beginning of the arms and drive the propeller blades through long webs.

Since each propeller has a different design (front and rear areas), they must have a clear distinction in pairs if the main rotor blade is to be replaced. Here the problem is solved in such a way that the front screws are “red” and the rear screws are “black”.

The dimensions of the WLtoys V383 500 Electric drone are also enormous. It measures 404mm x 415mm and weighs about 990g, which is quite a lot.


Unfortunately, there is no camera included with the quadcopter. But since the model is so huge, you can certainly attach a great cam with no problem. It does take a bit of skill to do this, however, as the model itself does not have a proper bracket for this.

We recommend choosing an action camera from the GoPro range!

Battery, flight time and range

The battery is a 2200mAh Lipo battery with a temperature of 50C. This works at 14.8 volts. Since the drone uses a lot of power, flight times are unfortunately in the range of 6 to 8 minutes. The charging time is relatively short compared to other models – from 60 to 80 minutes.

The maximum range of the transmitter varies and depends, among other things, on the battery level in the remote control. But usually you can drive from 200 to 500 meters.

Flight functions and attitude

Since the WLtoys V383 500 Electric drone has an unusual design, it is of course very versatile. By purchasing the model, both beginners and stunt professionals will benefit.

For example, you have a choice: fly the drone in 3D flight mode or fly it normally.

We recommend every beginner to select Quiet Flight Mode first and familiarize themselves with the drone in a calm and safe flight position.

You can fly forward, backward, sideways and perform various stunts such as flying loops, somersaults, and some other maneuvers.

Pros and cons


  • Fast and agile flight maneuvers and 3D stunts possible
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals
  • Has a very unusual design
  • Very easy to control
  • A large drone with a fairly high performance
  • Charging takes 60 to 80 minutes.


  • Just 6 to 8 minutes of flight


The WLtoys V383 500 electric drone is highly recommended for anyone who has never piloted a real stuntman. You can test it for a few days and then decide if you really want to keep it. Flying is definitely a great pleasure and you quickly get used to the excellent flight functions and performance!

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