Yi 4k Plus hands-on test: photo and video quality, battery life and test higher and also underwater

Photo quality
Video quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4.8 / 5

The YI 4k Plus Action Cam is currently the most powerful model of the Chinese manufacturer YI Technologies in the action camera market.

The little muscular man not only has to take incredibly good photos, but also record videos in Ultra HD at 60 frames per second.

The scope of supply is very extensive at just under 330 euros and even an underwater hull is offered.

We took a close look at the model and thoroughly tested it both above and under water.

You can watch our test report in this video review:

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YI 4k Plus Package Contents

The package is the same as the GoPro Hero 6 rival, but at a better price.

We bought the camera along with the underwater body because we tried the action camera while diving in Egypt.

The camera is of high quality, the body gives the impression of being very stable.

On the back of the camera is a 2.2-inch LCD touchscreen, which is very responsive to every touch.

The action camera can also be controlled using voice control. It works both reliably and recognizes commands from both men and women (at least it recognized my friend’s voice very well).

The underwater housing is perfect for our diving tool we bought for the GoPro 4 a few years ago.

The hinge screw location is also compatible with the successor models of the Go Pro Hero 5 and Hero 6, as well as the YI 4k Plus.

On the left side of the YI 4k is a USB Type-C port that can be used to charge the camera, external microphone, or connect to an end device such as a TV or laptop.

This is a simple and convenient solution, but I would find it even better if an additional connection was built in for charging and for the TV (mini-HDMI) as well as for the microphone.

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This is the case with the Hero 6, but this is just a small flaw that, in my opinion, is not particularly important.

If you are lacking in scope of delivery, you can easily order a huge set of additional parts from Amazon for just under € 25, which supports almost every conceivable building idea.

You not only get a strap for carrying the camera on your head, but also over 20 different mounts and a handle to which you can attach the camera. I haven’t seen a better deal for additional action camera equipment.

YI 4k Plus Actioncam Datasheet

Unlike the previous YI 4K model (Ultra-HD video at 30 FPS), the 4K Plus can record 4k video at 60 frames per second. These are the highest emotions in the field of hobbies and amateur cinema, which leave nothing to be desired.

In addition, the mini camera has a 12MP and 5.56cm sensor, which should take great pictures.

The battery life should be enough for Ultra-HD for 50 minutes and for Full-HD for 90 minutes.

The camera supports JPG and RAW image formats so that demanding photographers can get the most out of their shots later.

YI 4K Plus Practice Test: Photo and Video Verification

The photos are really good in both strong and low light.

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At this point, however, it should be noted that image noise can quickly occur in low light conditions and it is recommended that you either adjust the camera settings using ISO values ​​or post-process the image.

App control is very intuitive and connecting to Yi4k Plus via Wi-Fi is very easy.

The action camera can be controlled up to 10m away via WiFi signal. After that, we noticed small dips in the quality of the connection.

This is especially handy if you want to take a selfie, or if it’s cold outside and want to take a photo of the northern lights from your car (read my Go Pro Hero 5 test report).

In our test, the battery lasted nearly 40 minutes with Ultra HD resolution and 75 minutes with Full HD. These values ​​are good and definitely sufficient for many great videos.However, we advise you to buy two extra batteries for one low price when purchasing this camera.

Ultra HD footage can be recorded at up to 60fps and 100Mbps and is really worth watching and rivals the Mavic Air footage (4k 30fps but 100Mbps).

60 FPS combined with 100 Mbps in 4K resolution ensure cinematic Hollywood movie recordings that can inspire even the most demanding filmmaker.

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Not only does the image look incredibly dynamic and fluid, the built-in sensor also brings out colors and contrasts.

The video processing on the camera itself works great thanks to the fast Ambarella H2 processor and delivers fast, lag-free performance.

With a 64GB memory card, you can save about 80 minutes at 4k 60fps and about 130 minutes of 4k 30fps footage. It is then either overwritten or needs to be dragged and dropped onto an external storage medium.

YI 4k Plus Cam offers a stabilizer that really makes the image more stable and smoother. This works up to 4k 30FPS resolution, unfortunately not yet with Ultra HD and 60fps.

The Yi fits over the headband I bought for my GoPro 5, so it can be easily attached to your head for cool stunt shooting. It will look like this:

Thanks to similar body connections on the underside, the underwater body camera is also suitable for our underwater station, which we have already shown on some other action cameras.

We’ll check to see if the underwater hull really does what it promises on our next diving holiday that’s just around the corner.

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The audio is average, as with almost all action cameras, but action cameras are not designed to capture particularly good audio, but offer excellent video quality with good dynamics for fast, lightning-fast movements.

It is possible to connect an external microphone via the USB-C port on the side. Thus, an action camera is only partially suitable as a selfie camera if you want to capture yourself for reviewing video production on YouTube or something similar.

Conclusion Yi 4k Plus Mini Actioncam

I think the action camera is absolutely the best and in my opinion it offers the best value for money in this segment of 4k / 60FPS action cameras.

Ultra HD 60fps footage is truly Hollywood-ready and inspires even the most demanding filmmakers.

The accessories are cheap compared to the best Go Pro 6 and the quality is really good. The function of the app and the simple operation also convinced me.

The YI 4k Plus is currently available for cheap on Amazon.

If you’re looking for much cheaper, yet still powerful action cameras, check out Apeman, Jeemak, or Tec Tec Tec.