Yuneec Mantis Q test: photo and video quality, battery life and flight behavior

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We bought a Yuneec Mantis Q travel drone and tried it out. Find out in our video review what features the Mantis Q has.

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Small and compact: the Yuneec Mantis Q foldable drone

The Mantis Q is a low-cost quadcopter whose rotors fold and fold to turn the drone into a small, compact package that fits into almost any travel bag. Folded dimensions: 168 x 96 x 58 mm (LxWxH), unfolded: 250 x 187 x 58 mm (LxWxH). In this picture, next to him is my Honor 10.

Biggest Mantis Q test

If we place the Mantis Q next to the Typhoon Q5004k for comparison, it becomes clear how small the drone really is.

Yuneec Q500 4k size comparison with Mantis Q

As usual from Yuneec, both the drone itself and the remote control come across as very high quality. The remote control is very comfortable in the hand and can carry cell phones with display sizes up to 6 inches.

Voice control, follow me and travel in test

The mini quad offers a total of 4 different flight modes, all of which we tried out. In Travel mode, the drone flies backward and climbs. This means that excellent recordings can be made even without much flying experience.

Flight mode test

Both altitude and climb rate can be set in the Yuneec Pilot app. The drone flies on autopilot.

In Follow-Me mode, you can simply mark an object that the drone will follow. It could be you, a car or a bike.

In POI mode, objects can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. In the app, you can set the speed and direction.

Interesting place Yuneec Pilotapp

This mode also performed well in our test, although the flight radius can lead to not-so-circular flight maneuvers in stronger winds. This usually does not happen with light or no wind, but we did not want to hide this information from you.

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Voice control is a great feature, but so far it’s only available in English. This feature must be enabled in the app, as in this case the drone only listens to voice commands.

Using the “Wake up” command, voice control is activated through the microphone of the mobile phone, after which the following commands can be given to the drone:

  • Takeoff à Lifts the drone into the air
  • Landing -> Drone Approaching
  • Take a photo shoot
  • Start recording à start video recording
  • Stop recording à stop video recording

You must decide for yourself if you really need voice control in practice. This is a cool feature, but not the main benefit for me.

Photo and video test Mantis Q

Photos are captured at 13MP resolution and can be saved in either JPG or RAW format so the images can be post-processed.

With standard settings, the camera tends to overexpose image recordings, so I always manually adjust my photos beforehand. The drone camera takes beautiful photos with the preset settings. Here are some shots that were very cloudy, so the colors look a little pale:

Photo of test 1 Mantis Q

Mantis Q Photo Experiences 2

Photo 3 Mantis Q in practice

The drone can record video in three different resolutions: 4K at 30fps, Full HD at 30fps, and HD at 60fps. Since the camera is equipped with electronic 3-axis image stabilization, photos unfortunately sometimes look a little blurry.

Various Mantis Q Camera Settings

As you saw in our test recordings, this is of course not possible with gimbal stabilization, as the Q500 4k shows comparable.

Yuneec Mantis flight tests

Plus, stabilization is unfortunately only available up to Full HD, so 4k videos will almost always be a little shaky. If you are not a professional videographer, you will be satisfied with Full HD recordings.

Otherwise, you should grab the Typhoon Q500 4k for price-conscious pilots, or the Typhoon H, which delivers significantly better tapes.The Mantis Q, on the other hand, is a travel drone that you can quickly set up on vacation and then capture the moment you want.

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Checking flight time, range and maximum speed

In practical tests, we were unable to achieve the flight time specified by the manufacturer of 33 minutes. When fully loaded, we stopped the time at 29:30 minutes, which is definitely the absolute maximum for a drone in this price range!

A fully charged remote control will last about 5-6 flights, then it needs to be charged. The battery charging time is about 75 minutes, for the remote control it is 120 minutes.

Mantis Q Remote Control

We increased the range to 500 m, after which the connection was often interrupted, and the drone returned to the starting point on its own. The connection is stable and without delays within the permitted visibility range of 300m.

The Return to Home function works well and automatically returns the Mantis Q to its home point (the location where the GPS was saved, where the drone was launched from). Here you can set how high the drone must climb in order to fly home.

A top speed of 72 km / h is not a bad value, but that doesn’t make it a racing drone.

Conclusion on the Mantis Q test

The flight characteristics of the Mantis Q are exemplary, the helicopter stands like a rock even in strong winds.

Mantis Q GPS Test

Thanks to the available flight modes, even novice pilots can create beautiful images.

Unfortunately, the drone lacks gimbal stabilization, so the video can be a little shaky at times. In my opinion, this is the drone’s weakest point.

Amateur pilots can put up with this, but discerning film producers have to switch to another model, for example. Q5004k or Typhoon H.

However, the overall package is definitely good for the price.

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If you have any questions about this drone or other models, please use the comment feature at the end of the page, I’ll be happy to help!