Yuneec Typhoon CGO3-4K test

Photo quality
Video quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4.5 / 5

The Yuneec Typhoon CGO3-4K UHD action camera with stabilizing gimbal is a rather unusual, but very high quality action camera.

With 5.8GHz WiFi interface, images can be monitored in real time on a smartphone. The camera allows you to change the tilt angle by adjusting the tilt.

The Yuneec Typhoon CGO3-4K UHD action camera is also available in combination with the Typhoon Q500 4K camera, which we have already thoroughly tested.

In our test, you can find out what advantages the camera has and whether it is suitable for each application.

Technical data and facts

In the store, you only have the option of choosing a gimbal without a camera if you already have an action camera such as a GoPro 3. It can then be easily inserted into the gimbal holder. Alternatively, it is also worth purchasing the complete camera kit from Yuneec.

The CMOS photo sensor is very high quality, has 4K video resolution and 12.4 megapixels. Which, of course, comes at a price. Steadygrip for GoPro costs less than a fifth of a full Actoincam camera with a CG03 camera. In our opinion, the value for money SteadyGrip is unmatched as the suspension system works very reliably and efficiently.

The model is delivered in a quality hard plastic case. The cam sits firmly and securely in the foam.

Design and appearance

Camera with mobile phone

SteadyGrip is ideal for holding the harness with one hand. Above is a holder for your smartphone. It serves as a screen for the gimbal and can be connected to the CG03 camera if you purchased it. Alternatively, you need to connect your GoPro to your device.

The front of the stabilizer is again fitted with a rubber mount. This softens small shocks to better protect the camera technology. The gimbal will take care of the rest.

An on / off switch is located on the underside of the handle. Above the button for various gimbal settings. A small LED lamp is also installed. It is solid green or flashing.

It may be red to indicate a problem. In this case, we recommend turning on the stabilizer again. This is problematic if the violation is still present. In this case, you should contact customer service or exchange the device.

Otherwise, the Yuneec Typhoon CGO3-4K UHD action camera is really darn easy to use.

Although the overall design is very unusual and has a certain mass, you will get used to it over time.

Image sensor, resolution and memory

If you buy a gimbal with a CG03 camera, you can enjoy Ultra High Definition (UHD resolution), which is 4 times higher than HD video resolution, which is why it is also called 4K. Videos are recorded at 25 frames per second and offer incredible quality and particularly dense image structure.

Camera photo

You also have the option to set a lower resolution with a higher frame rate. For example, you can choose 1080p at 120fps. In this mode, you can also record a fairly realistic slow motion video.

We have already bought a camera complete with Yuneec Typhoon Q500 and thoroughly tested it. You can also watch the video on our YouTube channel.

Typhoon Q500

After our tests, the conclusion on the quality of the recording was very positive and we can definitely recommend the 4K action camera from Yuneec.

If you buy a gimbal with a CGO3 action camera, you can insert a 16GB micro SD card. All records are stored there. Later you can transfer them to your computer, edit or share them on social networks.

The battery lasts about 90 minutes for shooting and has a capacity of about 1400 mAh.

What is a camera for?

The Yuneec Typhoon CGO3-4K UHD action camera is ideal for day trips and vacations. However, it is not suitable for diving and should not be used during heavy rain as it is not protected from water ingress.

The camera does its job well, especially when hovering without wobbling on uneven surfaces.

Pros and cons


  • Very good image quality with extremely high image sharpness
  • 3-axis stabilizer absorbs all movements
  • Ideal for Typhoon Q500 drone
  • Very easy to use
  • You can adjust the camera angle individually 45 degrees up or down
  • Extensive and simple functionality
  • Stable housing
  • The bracket also fits GoPro clones with the same form factor.
  • Cool case included in the package
  • The ability to connect to a smartphone via WiFi
  • Takes super floating shots without wobbling


  • Exceptional design
  • Sound quality is unfortunately not very good
  • Sorry, no German manual is included.
  • External microphone cannot be connected
  • The camera cannot be screwed onto a tripod


Camera gimbal

After our test, we can say that the action camera does exactly what it should. It produces clean, floating records and is simply unmatched for price. Many other buyers are also in awe of this gimbal model and use the camera to create perfect, balanced videos.

Unfortunately, the gimbal is a bit big and it takes a while to get used to it. The operation itself is very simple and you will quickly find your way. There are other inconveniences, for example, the delivery set does not include operating instructions in German, but you can download them from the Internet if you cannot perform the operation.

We think the ability to connect the Yuneec Typhoon CGO3-4K UHD Actioncam to a smartphone is great. But for this, you need the appropriate application.

In general, there are disadvantages, but they do not cause any inconvenience. On the other hand, the price is very cheap and the performance is quite high. Other models are much more expensive, but maybe a little lighter, but not everyone can afford an expensive gimbal.

The Yuneec Typhoon CGO3-4K UHD stabilization gimbal is ideal for beginners looking to save some money.

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