Yuneec Typhoon H in practice test: what can you really expect from this hexacopter?

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Typhoon H for SaleThe Typhoon H from Yuneec is a new 2016 model that promises a lot at a really good price.

In addition, this drone has a feature that is almost a unique advantage in the drone market (at least for now).

It is a camera that can be rotated 360 degrees. In addition, there is an obstacle detection system on board, and this was already enough for us to take a closer look at the drone.

Unboxing and first impressions

Typhoon H packaging is huge, it shines in the sun. Unpacking the quadcopter on the living room table. Everything is already rolled up and ready to go.

The arms of the drone are foldable, so when folded, the drone does not take up as much space as we assumed when we first looked at the package.

Granted, a quadcopter is far from being a mini drone, but it definitely saves storage space when transporting.

Typhoon H.

As usual from Yuneec, the scope of delivery is very large. The second battery, for example, always needs to be bought additionally and costs a lot, it just comes as standard.

We were especially fascinated by the huge remote control, the so-called wizard, which at first glance seems incredibly complex, probably causing the despair of one or another novice pilot.

Obstacle detection with RealSense technology

The Typhoon H has an obstacle detection system from computer chip manufacturer Intel called Realsense. The regular version of the Typhoon H, which had two downward pointing ultrasonic sensors, has been expanded to include two additional optical cameras that provide a 3D view to the drone. This makes it possible to avoid obstacles or even fly around them.

In our practical tests, the technology has always proven its reliability and flawless performance. At DJI, we sometimes encountered obstacles that did not have a clear outline, such as a picket fence or a mesh fence, were not recognized or recognized too late.

DJI relies on stereo cameras, which are nowhere near as good at detecting obstacles as the Realsense technology installed here. Typhoon H also looks great in the dark or in bad weather conditions.

The Typhoon H hexacopter was doing everything right: small picket posts, walls or deciduous trees with thin wire branches were immediately recognized and the braking maneuver began. In the remote control settings, you can also specify how far the drone can fly to an obstacle and when the system should give you an error message.

Flight times, flight behavior and flight modes

The hexacopter is very easy to start and land using the remote control, which has an Android operating system. The GPS signal is strong throughout the flight and ensures the drone’s stability and safety in the air, as well as the accuracy of its location.

The live 720p image transmission from the drone camera to the remote controller is smooth and the transmission technology is clearly displayed. In any case, it’s great that you don’t need an additional cell phone to control the drone as is the case with DJI, but everything can be done with the controller.

The flight time in our test was just under 20:30 minutes, after which the Typhoon wanted to land immediately. We gave full throttle (almost 70 km / h), obstacle detection was enabled, various flight modes were removed and recordings were made – in other words: we were able to achieve this flight time at full load.

Typhoon H for SaleThe range of almost 600 meters was not a problem and the signal and image transmission worked perfectly. We did not fly further, because within the USA the drone must always be in the pilot’s line of sight.

If you fly further in an emergency, you risk not acknowledging the damage with your drone insurance and / or you may be held liable. So don’t go that far and stick to the rules – you’re done!

Thanks to the 6 propellers, the hexacopter is very relaxed and calm in the air, even in strong winds or strong gusts of wind. Flight speeds up to 70 km / h are really high and can compete with the DJI Phantom 4.

Of course, the Typhon H also has intelligent flight modes, of which we would like to introduce you to the most important ones.

  • POI Mode: Point of Interest Mode is a very popular flight mode that comes with almost modern drones in the meantime. In this mode, you can rotate a specific object in the radius you specify at a speed that can also be variable. It can be turned both clockwise and counterclockwise. You can of course take a great aerial photo without wobbling.
  • Orbit Me Mode: This mode is only available on Yuneec drones. The drone circles above you (of course, at the signal of the remote control) and takes pictures of you from all sides. CGO3 + is constantly targeting you. Especially if you are standing on a mountain or hill, it can make some really brilliant recordings.
  • Travel Mode is a mode for all selfie lovers. Typhoon H flies back about 90 m and also gains altitude. You can set exactly how far and how high the drone should climb in the settings. You can use it to take stunning selfies. Great feature especially for beginners!
  • Curve Cable Cam Mode: You can set a route on the remote that the Typhoon H will fly completely independently. It is possible to rotate the camera 360 ° all the time and record every detail along the route. The 360 ​​° camera is especially valuable here!
  • Watch me: here the hexacopter stops, only the camera watches you all the time and keeps you in the frame. This mode works fine, but fast and abrupt direction changes should be avoided or the aircraft will “lose sight of you.”
  • Follow Me: In this mode, the hexacopter follows you every step of the way and you can of course record movies and photos. The Typhoon H’s top speed in our test was 70 km / h when the car was chasing us. This mode works perfectly as long as you do not suddenly turn 90 or 180 degrees and immediately again at full throttle in the opposite direction.

Fly as a couple

In addition to the large remote control, Yuneec offers an additional controller for the “Master”. This makes it possible to control the drone in pairs. For example, pilot # 1 takes care of the control and correct balancing of the drone, while pilot # 2 controls the camera.

Some practice is required here, however, as both a large remote control and two-person hexacopters take a little practice, especially in the beginning. However, after a short study of the operating instructions, it is not difficult, and this is another “learning by doing” question.

Flight recording and camera

Video recordings are top notch thanks to CGO3 + (that’s the name of the camera, the CGO3 is attached to Typhoon Q500 4k) and thanks to Ultra HD at up to 30fps in NTSC file format.

As with the previous model, the tape recordings are very clear and the slight problem of edge sharpness has been resolved. In Full-HD, that is, with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, frame rates from 24 to 120 frames per second (frames per second) are possible and therefore super ingenious slow motion recording is also possible.

The CGO3 + has a 94 ° field of view and a Cmos 1/2, C “sensor (the same sensor as the previous model). The drone’s camera has a total of 12.4 megapixels and a 14mm / F2.8 camera lens.

Images can be saved in JPG or RAW format – an absolute must for anyone looking to get the most out of their images with Photoshop!

The camera itself weighs 255g, so it’s lightweight and easy to attach to the gimbal.

However, caution is required here! Snap rails are not very stable and can simply break with the slightest weight. This happened to me 2 ti
mes and it was very annoying, especially since the drone was brand new and I just wanted to try the gimbal.

Renovations at Yuneec don’t even cost 40 euros and are fast, but I would have liked something more stable here. Otherwise, the drone is also incredibly stable and was already thinking about crashing into trees and hedges.

The videos are really good, the whole picture is sharp, the edges are visible even to the smallest pixels, even if you later zoom in on your PC or TV. As usual with Yuneec drones, the photos are very good even in low light conditions.

At this point, however, it should be noted that the automatic photo option (if you just leave the camera’s default photo settings) is not always optimal. We made our own adjustments and adjusted the ISO to match the darkness when we captured a sunset, for example.

Conclusion on the Typhoon H drone

Typhoon H for SaleThe hexacopter not only has an amazing function with a small remote control, a wizard, but if one of the 6 motors fails, it can still fly, because 5 drives can still take the drone home safely.

Smooth 4K panoramic video, slow-motion video and many automatic flight maneuvers make the Typhoon H a commendable hexacopter for discerning pilots.

So we get a lot of drones for almost 1400 euros! In the following table, we show you where you can find very good prices: