Z-Edge GPS Dash Cam Test, Loop Recording, Parking Monitoring & Motion Detection

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Car cameras are becoming more popular, and since May 2018, the legal situation has also softened somewhat with regard to the admission of recordings as evidence in court.

That is why we are now testing more and more DVRs and present them to you on our website.

A particularly good model is the Z-Edge GPS Dash Cam with many great features. You can easily use it and install it in your car.

The menu structure is very logical, the operation is self-explanatory and you can do it intuitively.

Old footage is always deleted during recording as soon as the memory becomes full. The oldest entry is overwritten with the newest. This mode is also called the loop function.

This model also has 2 cameras: front and rear.

In this report, you can find out what else to expect from technical features.

Dash Cam technical data and facts

Among other things, the Z-Edge GPS Dashcam has a motion detection function. It is very beneficial if you have parked your car and a person has damaged it. The car camera must be in standby mode and receive power from the power source at all times. If motion detection is activated, the car camera immediately starts recording as soon as something moves in front of the lens.

In addition, a G-sensor is integrated, which is always triggered when the vehicle makes an unexpected movement, such as a sharp braking maneuver or a sharp turn. In these cases, recording starts. The G-sensor is the trigger module for this.

Of course, there is also a built-in microphone that can be easily disabled as well.

Thanks to GPS, your location is always tracked. An assessment of this can be done using Google Maps.

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The design is quite user-friendly. On the right side there are various buttons for operating the Z-Edge GPS Dash Cam. The 2.7-inch display sits in the middle.

The camera is located in front and always captures what is happening on the street. You can view the corresponding live image on the LCD screen.

You can attach your car camera to the inside of your windshield using a suction cup mount. The USB port is located above the bracket on the right.

We especially liked the rounded design of the Z-Edge GPS car camera. This makes the camera more modern!

The rear camera is slightly smaller and also has a USB port.


With the high-quality front camera, you can access especially high-quality and crystal-clear WQHD recordings. The pixel size here is 2560 x 1440 pixels and the frame rate is around 30 frames per second.

It also has a 150 degree wide angle lens. Large recording area minimizes blind viewing angles!

If both cameras are connected, that is, the front and rear cameras, the recordings are recorded in Full HD 1080P resolution.

Many car cameras have built-in WDR technology for better night time recording. The Z-Edge GPS DVR also has this feature. The recordings you make at night can definitely be seen and are not too dark.

You have to attach the rear camera to the rear glass with an adhesive mount, the front camera can be easily attached with a suction cup mount.

A microSD card is required to save recordings. You can use such a class 10 card up to 128 GB.

Battery and power supply

A lithium battery with a capacity of about 1.18 watt-hours and 320 mAh is included as a power source.

However, the battery is intended for emergency use. Usually, you have to control the camera through a car charger.

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Pros and cons


  • High quality car camera with many great features
  • 2.7-inch LCD
  • WDR technology for better visibility at night
  • Built-in G-sensor and parking monitoring
  • Built-in microphone that can be turned off
  • Motion detection for parking surveillance
  • Dual camera (includes front and rear cameras)
  • Suction cup holder for the front and adhesive holder for the rear camera
  • GPS logger to record GPS coordinates, time and speed
  • German manual


  • High price


Overall, the Z-Edge GPS dash cam is very durable and, in our opinion, its price is absolutely justified. You get a dual-camera system for recording the front and rear areas, and many important functions are integrated, such as G-sensor, motion detection and parking monitoring.

A 150-degree wide-angle lens is good too, although a larger angle is of course always better for DVRs as the blind spot is even smaller.

In the end, the product convinced us completely and we can recommend it to everyone.

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