ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 drone test, range, flight performance and flight time

Entertainment factor
Flight behavior
Material quality
Recording quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4.5 / 5

This review is dedicated to the ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 drone, which has been on the market for a long time. It is a cheap beginner drone at a reasonable price. A 3-axis gimbal with a 4k camera is also integrated.

The flight time of up to 28 minutes was especially impressive. It’s really incredible at this price point. You can read more about the product, the advantages and disadvantages of the drone, and what we think of the model in general below.

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The SG906 Pro 2 is the successor to the SG906 and SG906 Pro drones, which we have already thoroughly tested and presented on Youtube. Test video coming soon 🙂

Technical data and facts

If we compare the ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 drone with other models on the market, then it has a fairly average size. We are particularly impressed by the sporty design. You can open and fold the quadcopter.

The real highlight at this price point is the camera, which not only has a high resolution but can also be controlled via a 3-axis gimbal.

The drive is of course electrically driven by 4 separate brushless motors. You can also easily control a remotely controlled aircraft as there is an optical flight positioning system.

In addition, the manufacturer also provides a headless mode. So even the most damned beginner can easily start flying this quadrocopter without crashing.

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The ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 drone camera is a price / quality hammer. If you keep the price in mind and compare it to other models, you will notice that the cam has a very good value for money.

In our opinion, the photo resolution is really visible. The density of the photos is 4096 x 3072 pixels. Unfortunately, if you are shooting video, 4K resolution is not available. In this case, only 2048 x 1080 pixels are provided.

For video, the frame rate, that is, the maximum frame rate, is 25 frames per second.

The harness adjusts automatically, however, as with any harness system, there are certain angles restrictions. The gimbal can be moved 100 degrees vertically, 65 degrees horizontally and 45 degrees horizontally. The position of the camera can also be adjusted with the remote control within a range of 110 degrees.

The camera also has a built-in Image Follow Me function, which works at a distance of 1 to 5 meters.

Other flight parameters and battery

Drones are close to our hearts, so we were eager to unpack the drone. Of course, the question arose of what the model is capable of, at what speed the quadcopter actually flies, how it reacts to control commands and what flight maneuvers are actually possible.

It is also important to observe behavior in the wind so that performance and quality can be measured.

In this test, we did not measure any precise data regarding flight speed and acceleration values. But the ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 convinced us in all the areas mentioned, of course you should always keep in mind the extremely low price.

Weighing 557g, the quadcopter is also very well protected from wind gusts. However, this is not always the case. In a very strong gust of wind, the drone is slightly swept to the side.

The battery capacity is enough to keep the drone in the air for an incredible 28 minutes.

Application and flight modes

In order for images from the camera to be transmitted to your smartphone in real time, you need to install an application on your device. This is the HFun Plus app that you can download from the app store for Android models.

Once you’ve installed the app and connected it to your smartphone, you can stream live video from the drone to your end device up to 800 meters away. The remote control can be up to 1200 meters away.

Various other flight modes are also integrated, such as in-flight optical positioning system, intelligent Follow Me mode, volumetric flight, waypoint, gesture control and several other useful modes that are not necessarily necessary.

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Pros and cons

To give you an even better understanding of the features of the ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 drone and to make your purchasing decision easier for you, we have again clearly presented the most important advantages and disadvantages to you.


  • Very good value for money
  • Easy to control – great for beginners
  • Many different intelligent flight modes
  • Control range up to 1200 meters
  • Video range up to 800 meters
  • Integrated gimbal – the drone automatically stabilizes the image
  • 4K photo resolution and good video pixel density


  • At long distances, slight delays in video transmission are possible (from 300 m and more).


In the test we were definitely convinced by the inexpensive ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 drone. It has impressive technical characteristics, although it is very cheap.

We also really liked the design. The drone resembles the DJI Mavic because it can be folded. The remote also has a controller very similar to the spark from the Mavic drone.

The camera is the most advanced in terms of performance. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the price here and don’t expect professional photos or videos. However, it happens that pictures in this price category are unambiguously visible and surpass one or another competitive model in picture quality.

Sometimes the problem is with image lag. In our tests, we were able to determine a slight latency, that is, the difference in time between the recorded image and the visual display on the device. However, this delay is insignificant and, in our opinion, does not greatly affect the realism of the flight.

Fast up and down flights as well as maneuvering are great thanks to the powerful brushless motors.

Overall, we rate the ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 drone as highly recommended, especially because the price is so cheap and what is on offer far exceeds expectations in this price range.

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