Zoopa ZQ0420 Acme Q 420: test, range, flight time, for beginners

The ACME zoopa ZQ0420 drone is extremely inexpensive, has a 720p HD camera and is quite suitable for beginners on a budget who want to try out a quadcopter with a camera.


This drone has many cool features and technologies, although it costs less than $ 30. In this report, we will go into more detail about the product details.

Size, weight and design

Manual start

This is not a mini drone, the model measures 345mm x 345mm x 75mm and its diagonal is about 410mm.

The rotors are especially noticeable because they are so big, they have an incredible 136mm diameter!

Despite the size, the weight is relatively light, with the ACME battery zoopa ZQ0420 weighs only about 100 g.

The design is somewhat reminiscent of the Hubsan drone, at least in terms of the shape of the upper case, in terms of color, a very unique style arises from black, orange and white. Landing curves also resemble the DJI Phantom series on this model.

You can also control the quadcopter at night, for which beautiful LED lighting is available, which you can turn on with the remote control.

Camera, memory and FPV live image transmission

Zoopa drone camera

ACME zoopa ZQ0420 has 720p camera, but FPV live image transmission is not integrated.

Video and photo resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels. The recordings are stored on a 2 GB SD memory card included in the package.

Battery, range and flight time

Thanks to the ACME 1S 600mAh lithium polymer battery that operates at an operating voltage of 3.7 volts, the drone can fly in 8 minutes.

But it also depends on your flying style: if you only do wild stunts and all the time at full speed over the terrain, the total flight time on a single battery charge will of course be significantly lower and could be around 5 minutes.

You can easily get by with the maximum transmission range of the remote control. It is about 80 meters. Unfortunately, you won’t get far. Since this is not a mini drone, it would be possible to get even more, although 80 meters is enough, but the model is still clearly visible at that distance.

The legal limit by which you must fly the drone within sight can hardly be exhausted.

Flight stabilization

A V2.0 6-axis gyro system is installed, which always balances the quadcopter and keeps it in the air as soon as you release your fingers on the remote control. This is ideal for beginners who have no drone flying experience.

There is also a 360-degree rotation function that can be activated by pressing a button on the remote. The drone will then automatically switch back to hover mode.

Pros and cons


  • Cool design
  • Very good value for money
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Reliable 6-axis gyro V2.0 system
  • Cool tricks at the touch of a button with 360-degree rotation
  • LED lightening
  • 720p camera with photo and video function
  • Memory card included


  • Relatively short flight time (8 minutes in a relaxed flying style)
  • Range 80 meters – could have been more
  • No FPV live image transmission


Zoopa drone in the countryside

Admittedly, we, as power users, are not very keen on using this drone regularly as we are used to a different price range and a € 500-1500 quadcopter cannot match this model.

A beginner looking to save some money and just get some flying experience is advised to purchase the ACME zoopa ZQ0420. The model has a lot of features for a low price (<30 €) and, in our opinion, is a quadcopter with a damn good price / quality ratio!

If you want to strike, you can buy the ACME zoopa ZQ0420 here on Amazon! *